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Comment Re: An easier sollution (Score 1) 1144

They do have their own police force. And, just as in other gun-free zones, only that police force may have weapons on the base (as you quoted). And in this case, as in the recent shooting, there weren't any police present when the shooting initially occurred.

So, when you said the base was "literally full of highly trained people with guns", that was wrong. Only a small percentage did. Maybe you don't realize how big a military base is, but there are some 45,000 soldiers and 9,000 civilians on the base. How many of those do you think were LEOs, MPs or on guard duty?

Comment Re:My suggestion: (Score 1) 1144

Like the other poster said, there's always another way to inflict violence, but also, your solution wouldn't even work for guns.

Like the current "high-capacity" magazine bans, they are easily defeated with a little DIY knowledge. A plastic mold and some springs will let you make your own magazines.

There's no weapon design that can prevent this kind of modification, and with a little additional metal-cutting ability, your 4-6 bullet cartridge is now fed from a large drum magazine.

Lastly, 4-6 bullets is not enough for defense. In the movies the bad guys go down pretty easily, requiring only 1-2 shots before being down for good. In reality, the bad guys can keep fighting after being shot multiple times, sometimes for several minutes. Even a few seconds is all it takes for someone to stab you after you deplete your 4-6 bullets. I was recently reading an article on Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez, who kept fighting after sustaining 37 bullet, shrapnel, and bayonet wounds in Vietnam:

Comment Re:There are limits... (Score 1) 183

Agreed, for the most part.

Regarding PCs though, I own an 8 year old computer running an i7-920 CPU w/ 6GB RAM that is still gaming (and VM) capable today.
I upgraded it a few years ago with more RAM and an SSD, and while it could use a graphics card update, the system is still going strong. For the majority of non-gaming purposes, a faster computer would be pointless.

Since a lot of the computer failures that I've encountered have to do with HDD failure, I think the transition to SSDs will help many of today's computers stay usable for a decade or more. Maybe not for extreme power-users or gamers, but for the majority who need to browse the web, use MS Office, and run everyday applications.

Submission + - HoloLens' field of vision isn't quite as impressive as you thought (

Mark Wilson writes: Since Microsoft gave us a glimpse of its immersive HoloLens headset, there has been much pondering about just what to expect from the unit. Until we get an opportunity to go hands on with the new virtual reality cum augmented reality device, we're largely reliant on second hand information about what the experience of using HoloLens is like.

Microsoft has released new footage of HoloLens in action including an almost-first-person perspective that gives an idea of what it's like to wear. What's interesting to note is that, despite the promises of an immersive experience, the field of vision is rather smaller than many people will have expected.

Comment Re:Just disable the wifi (Score 1) 330

Can't speak for the OP, but the biggest reason I want to avoid smart TVs is reliability.

generally speaking, as code & hardware complexity goes up, reliability goes down.
I don't want a TV with all this built in stuff because it's a lot cheaper to replace my Chromecast if it breaks than my TV.

Smart TVs being somewhat new, there isn't a whole lot of evidence for this, but I expect that they will have shorter lifespans than dumb TVs.

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