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Submission + - DIGGER DTR D-3 Robot Blows Up Mines (gizmag.com)

Zothecula writes: According to UNICEF, there are currently over 110 million live land mines buried in the soil of various countries around the world, left over from conflicts that occurred up to 50 years ago. While various organizations are working on locating and removing those mines, it's proving to be a long and laborious process. Instead of precisely pinpointing and then disarming each device, however, one has to wonder ... wouldn't it be easier to just go around thumping on the ground and getting them to go off? Well, it just happens that DIGGER DTR's hulking D-3 robotic vehicle does exactly that.

Submission + - Car automatically stops short of pedestrians (networkworld.com)

netbuzz writes: "With collision-avoidance systems becoming more advanced and widely used, Toyota has taken the technology up another level by fashioning what it claims is the first system that can detect not only other vehicles but pedestrians. The demonstration video shows the system working under ideal conditions, but it’s impressive nonetheless."

Submission + - How Do You Hack Into a Phone? (discovery.com)

disco_tracy writes: British tabloid reporters from News of the World allegedly broke into 4,000 voicemail systems over the course of a couple of years. How did they do it? It turns out, it's not the difficult. Some old-fashioned PIN guessing, spoofing or tricking a smartphone to install a special rootkit are not difficult tasks to pull off. Darren Kitchen from hak5 weighs in.

Comment Uh... future enhancements? (Score 1) 136

the inventor hopes to replicate the sensations of breathing, saliva and taste in a future model.

I would probably focus more on making it FEEL and MOVE like a squishy tongue. That would be the killer enhancement. Still not sure I'd partake... but that'd be the logical direction to go... make it wet and squishy and more flexible.

Comment App Store vs appstore (Score 0) 414

Well... from the looks of Amazon's logo, they don't use the term 'App Store', which I would agree, for the sake of software distribution platforms, shouldn't be allowed to be trademarked. They do however use the entirely different label of 'appstore' which isn't in any of my dictionaries, nor are any of its words abbreviations for words that are in my dictionary. Sounds like Amazon has a more trademark-able title than Apple does.

Comment Personally... (Score 1, Insightful) 390

I don't have an issue with Constitutional rights being restricted for those who are registered criminals. They broke the law, proved their untrustworthiness and now are having to contend with that... it's called consequences. However, there ARE no such clauses in the Constitution and until such exist this is unreasonable search and seizure, regardless of who the man is, what he's done and what they've found.

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