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Comment Re:Bore them to death (Score 1, Interesting) 301

What America needs is a true centrist party; one that is fundamentally based on pragmatism.

Why do we need to pigeon-hole ourselves into two polar opposite affiliations? They are both steadily moving to their respective "nutjob" zones and farther away from the viewpoint of the average American.

If we can't get past all this social-political nonsense, of who can marry who or can abort when, and tackle the real issues facing this country then we are as the English like to say, "Proper F_cked".

Comment China Will Have Its Own Problems (Score 0) 217

What keeps the powers in Beijing up at night isn't the US, but Chinese people wanting the same rights and representation enjoyed in the Western world.

The Communist Party is raping the country at the expense of the common people. Eventually, they will tire of eating poisoned food and washing it down with poisoned water. They will tire of watching their children die from the poisoned air.

All the censorship in the world won't stop that from happening.

Comment One Man Terrorist (Score 0) 160

One mans terrorists is another mans raid buddy.

Suicidesalution whispers, "Hey Xjihadcowx, wanna do ToC 25 man?"

Xjihadcowx whispers, "Is Osama leading?"

Suicidesalution whispers, "Nah, he at a Starbucks in Vancouver but says internet there sucks."

Xjihadcowx whispers, "That sucks. Yeah I'll go send me an invite."

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