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Comment Re:You want to improve grades? (Score 1) 459

And if the parents do not like the schools, unlike America, they can change schools without any hassle.

This is no longer strictly true. As per the Supreme Court guidelines for admission in Delhi schools (capital of India); there will be a 'points system'; where points would be awarded on a number of parameters - distance of home from school, sibling is in school, student is a girl, parent is alumni of school etc.

The system is horribly biased against first-born boys who live a bit far away from the school. I would have got screwed royally with this system!


Submission + - Mumbai Terrorists trained using Google Earth (indiatimes.com)

the_masked_mallard writes: The Times of India reports that the Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists who struck in Mumbai last month picked their targets using Google Earth. One person under interrogation said that Lashkar top brass was interested in knowing the height of airport wall, wire fencing and location of aircraft runway from the nearest building.
The terrorists who attacked the city were well acquainted with the location of their targets and the streets leading to them. The lone terrorist arrested by Mumbai police, Kasab, reportedly told the investigators that their group was also given detailed location of spots using the software.

Comment Re:My government is hypocritical (Score 2, Interesting) 377

Caste itself is a religious concept, which btw is not limited to Hinduism in India, even Christians practice it:
The Constitution of India forbids discrimination on the basis of caste and provides many measures for affirmative action for the upliftment of people who have been oppressed for centuries. I simply don't understand how caste -> ! secular. What does secularism have to do with nukes anyway ?
The British monarch, who is also the head of state, has to be a member of the Church of England. There is no such restriction in India, where we have had Hindu, Muslim and Sikh presidents. We have also had a Dalit president. So British 'secularism' is good enough for you but not the Indian variant ? Nevermind that in post WW2 US, blacks didn't have the right to vote ? Was the US non-secular for 250 years of its existence ?
China and Russia too have their internal troubles and are by no means 'peaceful'. France recently had a lot of riots carried out by immigrants. Do you propose that they give up their nukes since they don't meet your criteria of being peaceful?
Pakistan, a country ruled by military dictators with Islamist leaning, the birth place of the Taliban who carried out 911 ... how can you even compare it to India ?! Pakistan is MAJOR nuclear proliferator. Just google AQ Khan for the details.

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