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Comment Re:well fuck you! (Score 2) 234

Welcome to the free market: Supply & demand.

There is a demand, thus a supply appears. Let's weigh the choices of pirating. Free high quality commercial free content I can watch instantly as many times as I want. No DRM. Any digital content ever produced can be obtained


a cable service I pay too much for, with pre-set schedules, commercials louder than the program (which I'm now paying to watch) that I can't fast forward, pause, or rewind (unless I pay for it) and the content is locked into my cable box so I can't put it on my phone, ipod, ipad, or laptop.

Honestly, from a consumer business standpoint, it's a no fucking brainer.

Comment I am in the same boat! (Score 4, Interesting) 296

You and I are very similar. I currently have a B.S in Information Technology.

Next Spring, I graduate with an B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. I'm also an automotive engineer working for Mercedes at the moment.

I also founded my school's first Society of Automotive Engineers chapter, and we're working on finishing the school's first Formula SAE Car.

I do not recommend a CS degree. That was my first degree before I switched it to IT. IMO CS will give you an unnecessary study into in depth facets of CS that you won't utilize as an ME. If you want to combine technology with engineering then pursue a degree in IT. It will be easier, give you more practical programming experience, teach you about databases, and allow the flexibility of taking several electives (which can be CS related courses).

You will also be subject to programming and controls classes during your ME studies. Your IT experience will give you a leg up against your peers.

You will amaze your ME friends when you can create a programming solution to an engineering problem on the computer.


Submission + - Data breach at University of North Florida

the_macman writes: I received this email today from my University.Personal data (SSN, DOB, Name) data breach affects 106,884 people. "Between September 24, 2010 and September 29, 2010, a University of North Florida file containing the personal information of high school and college students (and others interested in UNF) may have been accessed by unauthorized persons outside the United States. While immediate steps were taken to contain this breach and to prevent further unauthorized access, UNF is notifying the 106,884 people impacted by this breach. A total of 106,884 people could have been impacted by this breach. Of those:52,853 had their names and social security numbers compromised. UNF is sending these individuals letters and e-mails to inform them of what happened and protective steps they may take. 54,031 had their names and dates of birth compromised. While we have no proof that information was actually stolen, because your personal information was involved we are notifying you about this event so that you may take steps to protect your financial information. We suggest that you follow the advice of the Federal Trade Commission located on their website: www.ftc.gov/idtheft/ We also recommend that you place a fraud alert on your credit file."

Comment Re:Or...versimplification (Score 1) 477

I could have rooted my phone and tethered it, but I chose to get the 3G stick to be fair

Why in the fuck are you taking some non-existant bullshit moral high ground for a company that will fuck you seven ways from sunday without a moments notice and would charge you everytime you pressed a button on your phone if they could. Fuck all these companies to hell. I don't give a shit about their profit margin and I'll do anything and everything to screw them back.

Comment Re:Freedom (Score 1) 304

Know what? Illegal shit happens all the time and the law doesn't give a shit because it's business. Think hiring illegal immigrants. Me thinks you don't have the perspective of a waitress. What's more important to a waitress busting her ass to pay her bills: Demanding more wages against the will of her boss and threatening legal action if he doesn't cooperate or making money? You decide smart guy.

Comment Re:Awesome. How do I do that? (Score 1) 148

As an engineer you'll draw the model in CAD using software like Solidworks. Then you'll use other software tools that let you program code to tell a CNC machine HOW to make your model from a solid block of aluminum. Then you feed the code into a CNC machine and let it go to work on the block. If you did everything correctly you have a new calculator case if you botched it, you have to start over.

A local machine shop will be able to help you with this. CAD software is expensive but if you're interested in learning, Google Sketchup is free and comes with TONS of online tutorials. It's the simplest of simplest of simple CAD programs but you can learn the basics using Sketchup.

Comment Stupid for people outside the car, but (Score 1) 86

at least it's free wifi for people inside the car. But yea, it's a bit dishonest to call this free public wifi. I'm not sure if slashdot interpreted the article incorrectly or if the company is just really inept and actually thinks thousands of moving wifi APs will create a sustainable public wifi network.

Comment Umm.....it SHOULD be cheaper! (Score 4, Funny) 232

Gee...imagine that. Introduce a method that eliminates the need of ALL packaging costs, ware house storage, shipping costs, duplicating hardware, the initial cost of the physical media, the cost of printed manuals, and customers expect the price to go DOWN? Plus we have get the added benefit of DRM lock in! Who do they think they are? Don't they understand we need to profit at all costs?! The audacity.

Comment Can someone fucking explain this to me? (Score 2, Interesting) 386

Explain this to me. Water is renewable. It's not getting gobbled up. It's not getting ruined. We're not "running" out of drinking water. It's not syphoning out of the planet. The whole fucking planet is water. It's stupid easy to desalinate water and purify toxic water for drinking. My wife is always telling me about the water crisis. I'm like what fucking crisis? Water isn't going anywhere. Desalination is expensive but it will become cheaper when we need it. Supply and demand. Fossil fuels--THERE is something you should be worried about.

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