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Comment Savegames in the cloud? (Score 2, Interesting) 497

I think the article missed one of the possible sources of annoyance, in that the games will not only need an active connection to the interwebs on your side, but also a listening Ubisoft server on the other side. What happens if Ubisoft's servers don't run, or happen to "not find" a savegame, or it gets corrupted or anything? Can we then blame Ubisoft and demand reparation? This strikes as such a bad idea on so many levels that it's hard to believe any company would go down that path. So, no more Ubisoft games for me, I suppose. (Oh, wait, the last PC game I bought must be at least 5 years old, and I much prefer playing table-top games (you know, the ones with social gaming built-in right from the start? ;-) ), or console stuff if it "has" to be electronic, so I guess I shouldn't feel concerned too much :-) )

MS Issued a Fix For Its Unwanted FireFox Extension 266

As we discussed last February, and again a few days ago after the Washington Post noticed, Microsoft installed without permission a hard-to-remove Firefox extension along with a service pack for .NET Framework 3.5. Reader Pigskin-Referee lets us know that, as it turns out, Microsoft issued a fix a month ago; details here.

Submission + - Kansas School Board Wants Darwin Back

Gryle writes: According to an article in the The Register, the Kansas school board has decided to remove intelligent design from the science curriculum. According to Bill Wagnon, chairman of the school board, "This assures that Kansas children are appropriately educated for the 21st century."

Submission + - Interview w/ Mark Kretschmann (Amarok)

Anonymous Coward writes: "Mark Kretschmann, lead developer for the open source music player Amarok, talks to Lunapark6 about their latest version 1.4.5, as well as the beginnings of Amarok all the way to what may be in store in Amarok 2.0 and KDE 4.0. Very interesting reading and the article covers the newest features with well placed screenshots. http://lunapark6.com/?p=3032"

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