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Comment Phage treatments vs conventional antibiotic (Score 0) 149 htm

Phages, as I understand it, are made from human waste, and are highly effective and many pharm-farms are after their own bugggies right now. Russians favorite shit for infections, no pun intended.

Read the book darwins radio by greg bear (I think) for more info put across in an enjoyable but well researched manner. The comedian Gallagher, talking about hotdogs: you people gotta get some of this inya, if you stay pure all your life, one day youre going to be at a ballgame or something, and get one of these things, it gonna lay your ass out dead....

Which is true. Also remember the greatest weapon against any bioproblem is sunlight and bleach. If you are in a situation where there has been an exposure you can create a positive pressure atmosphere for several hours with a scuba tank in a car with thte windows closed; barely open the tank and it will keep positive pressure until it runs out, and nothing will get in. Sunlight kills all bioweapons -- visit also visit -- its just good for you to know.

some links about enmod, which incorporates aspects of biotech in its weaponized versions.... 6/index.html ml

Good luc.

ps the writer of this article comes across as some kind of naieve mammys boy...

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