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Comment Re:Naive Question (Score 5, Funny) 196

Once you find the Higgs there's a cut scene where God kicks in the door at Stephen Hawking's house, pistol-whips a nurse, and wheels Hawking away with a gun to his head. It fades to black and you see: "ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: BOSON-NOVA!" The Level Up screen opens, you get to distribute skill points and pick a Level II perk, and then you move on to the next quest.

Comment Re:Quality control? (Score 1) 117

That's correct in my case. I had a lot of trouble with the extruder hot end assembly (Cupcake CNC that shipped with a MK4 extruder). I had to order some spare parts, and I had to sift through a lot of conflicting data. I knew what I was getting into when I bought it, and I enjoyed the ride. It's running beautifully now.

Comment Re:And that was that site... (Score 2) 117

FWIW, I have a Makerbot Cupcake CNC, and it's freaking awesome. It takes a LOT of work to get it running and tuned properly, but once it's working, you can use it to make improved versions of every part. It's a self-feeding hobby. I've spent days building new parts to make things run better, just so I can use it to print even better improvements that require more precision.

Comment Re:Parallels to the Union movement last century (Score 1) 476

The solution to both these problems is not for the FOX conn to unionize.

Actually, every Chinese worker is a member of the Chinese labor union, and the union does occasionally make demands. Remember that employers are capitalists who are allowed operate in a communist country, and though the national labor union doesn't demand the sort of living and working conditions we see in the US, you do not want your company being singled out as exceptionally exploitative of the worker.

That's why Foxconn is painting the suicides as driven by greed--as if the dead were taking advantage of the company's generosity. Foxconn is the world's largest OEM contract manufacturer. It's so damn huge and runs such tight margins that if the union demands even a slight increase in wages or living standards it would get hit harder than its competitors.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 5, Funny) 347

So now /.ers can tell their "girlfriends" that if you want a diamond, you're free to look for one in Uranus?

Worth a shot...
"Hey, baby! Answer me this: What's the hardest thing known to man, and you can find lots of it way up in Uranus?"

*oof* ...and now I have a black eye to explain to my boss. Damn you, science!

Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 3, Funny) 99

Preliminary trials performed on cartoon characters were mostly non-invasive, though results were mixed:

In late 2008, subject W. E. Coyote was admitted suffering from chronic headaches. MRIs of the patient's brain revealed several cancerous growths on surface of the cortex, likely caused by the subject's attempts to induce "X-ray vision" by applying ACME® 3-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner & Radium to his scalp.

Researchers injected Mr. Coyote with the nano solution, then showed him a series of videos featuring a common ground-foraging bird simply running in circles at the top of a tall mesa.

After the videos, Mr. Coyote was presented with "gifts" from various charities: a hang glider, a butterfly net, and a gross of ACME® Brand Long-Distance Bottle Rockets. A moment after opening the last of the gifts, the subject raised one eyebrow, smirked, then clutched his temples and shrieked in pain before falling unconscious. MRI indicated that the glow of the patient's "idea light bulb" had been bright enough to activate the nano-solution. 70% of the tumor mass had been destroyed.

Unfortunately, soon after regaining consciousness the subject disappeared with his gifts, an electric wheelchair, and a half dozen bottles of Oxycontin.

Comment Re-branding (Score 5, Funny) 128

So viruses can cure cancer.

Well what about all those cancer drugs we have already? They'll just sit on the shelves!

No no, we can use them to treat alcoholism.

But what about all the booze!? Pour it down the drain?

No, of course not. We're going to re-brand alcoholic beverages as medication. We're investigating is usefulness in treating social anxiety. While our trials are still in progress, the initial data looks very promising. We've also patented a time-release delivery system. With any hope, we'll have millions of people prescribed daily doses of the new wonder drug.


Comment Re:Meep Beep! (Score 1) 120

Oh why don't you malware like you used to do?
Spread Conficker like you used to spew?
I haven't patched my OS since two-thousand-two,
Why don't you malware like you used to do?

Ain't had no Clamwin, or a firewall, or an update in a long long whiiiiiiile.
Can't get to Google or WinUpdate cuz they've hijacked my gosh darn hosts fiiiiile.

Oh why don't you scan ports like you used to do?
Treat my pendrive like a prostitute?
Haven't BSoDed in a day or two,
So why don't you malware like you used to do?

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