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Comment Re:Fine the idiots who are paying (Score 1) 229

And one can stop spam by using the
same technique that both Canada and the U.S. use for scams : charge the company that's paying for it.

Mind you, that does require extra staffing for the fraud squad! A
suitable levels of fines applied to
the companies who pay for this dreck should nicely cover it.

Hmmn, time to write to my MP!


I don't care what I do, how many lists I have put myself on; they still seem to find me.

I am an invalid. I never go out. But yet, somehow, one of those jerks got my numbers and sufficient information to use it.

From now on, I'm not going to bother. It doesn't do any good.

Comment Re:Innocence? (Score 1) 301

this is the end Twitter's innocence.

Isn't this the internet? What's innocent?

I agree. Twitter was never assumed to be anymore or any less than any other program on the internet.

Why would anyone think it was safer? If they did, then shame on them and them alone.

Nothing will change; I will still use it like before; using my own security.



Submission + - SPAM: Women's attractiveness judged by software

Roland Piquepaille writes: "According to Haaretz, an Israeli team of computer scientists has developed a software that ranks facial attractiveness of women. Instead of identifying basic facial characteristics, this software has been designed to make aesthetic judgments — after training. The lead researcher said this program 'constitutes a substantial advance in the development of artificial intelligence.' It is interesting to note that the researchers focused on women only. Apparently, men' faces are more difficult to grade. But read more for many additional references — including a picture showing how the software has been calibrated."
The Courts

RIAA Will Finally Face the Music In Court 282

Falstaff writes "Exonerated RIAA defendant Tanya Andersen is expected to refile her malicious prosecution lawsuit against the RIAA today. The refiling will mark a significant watershed in the RIAA's fight against P2P users because for the first time, the group's tactics, secret agreements, and fee splitting with MediaSentry are likely to come to light, thanks to discovery. Andersen's attorney says he'll be 'digging into agreements between the RIAA, RIAA member companies, MediaSentry, and the Settlement Support Sentry. Part of that will involve looking at compensation, like how much MediaSentry gets from each settlement. "I'd love to know what kind of bounty MediaSentry got paid to supply erroneous identities to the RIAA," Lybeck says.' The judge has barred further motions to dismiss the complaint, which means the RIAA will have to face the music. 'Unlike the thousands of lawsuits filed so far, the RIAA does not have the luxury of walking away from this case if there's a real chance of embarrassing information being released. "Once discovery happens in the cases the RIAA brings, they run," Lybeck says. "This is our case now, and they can't run."'"

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