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Comment Re:Checklist marketing (Score 2) 160

What kind of menu do you want? There is a lot of information and settings that have to be presented to the use

There really isn't. Not on the camera itself anyway. 95% of the menu setting never get touched or get set once and never touched again so why do they need to be in a crappy interface at all? One could remove most of the menus on any given camera and nobody would even notice because they never get used. Those "features" exist on the camera because it provides a checklist for marketing purposes, not because it makes a better product.

I think we found the Gnome 3 user!

Comment Windows 10 Pro, meet Virtual Machine (Score 2) 281

Last Friday, after one too many "Microsoft disabled X" and "Microsoft changed Y", I have moved my two Windows 10 Pro licenses from the hardware to virtual machines. They can bork themselves all they want, the worst it would happen I have to scp the backup back and untar it. This is getting too far...

Comment Re:UI/Process Stability (Score 1) 597

In actual newly designed buildings, the architect cost is 20-25% (source: Fred Brooks). Not talking about McMansions here that are built like refrigerators on the assembly line. And plenty of large buildings (either residential, commercial or industrial) run over money and time budget.

Comment Re:And it begins (Score 1) 531

The restaurant owner now has more income, so he maybe buys a nicer car.


The customer now spends less on food, so now he buys some nicer shoes.

You forgot the third clause, "and the former cook is now starving".

The money does not disappear, but if they move away from the cook, what is the going to live on? "Find something else?" you say - then the money has been moved around a bit more, but did the general happiness increase?

Comment Re:RIB: Religion Is Bunk (Score 1) 1237

Before you make that claim, are you going to drink your own medicine and present us with some evidence? Have you conducted long-term studies that show that prayer is useless?

That's easy. Two football teams pray to win. Only one does. Obviously prayer had nothing to do with the result.

The team who won prayed harder! Duh'

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