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Comment Disgusting (Score 1) 1

It's enough that Bell applies Deep Packet Inspection to last-mile traffic, now they want to shove these caps down everyone's throats. I fear Canada's internet will be stuck in the stone age while the rest of the world moves on. My ISP, TekSavvy, has also sent an e-mail rallying its users to respond to this. I sure gave them a piece of my mind. If you are living in Canada, you should let the CRTC goons know that this is ridiculous and economically damaging.


Submission + - Bell Canada applies to strangle DSL reseller ISPs 1

An anonymous reader writes: It seemes that blocking and throttling the DSL resellers' P2P wasn't enough for Bell Canada, the country's phone monopoly. Now they plan to introduce usage-based billing across the spectrum, forcing all DSL resellers' customers to adhere to a cap of 60GB per month, and pay $1.50 for every gigabyte overlimit. This eerily resembles Time Warner's recent policies, but it extends to the vast majority of Canada's DSL users. If this were to pass, Canada's internet would be thrown back to the 90's, and Canada's own streamng providers such as CTV and CBC will be choked out of their own audience. However, this motion is still due for approval at the CRTC, Canada's telecom regulator. The CRTC is accepting comments here. If you wish to fight for your net neutrality, please leave a comment expressing your outrage (select "Tariff", then use a subject of "File Number # 8740-B2-200904989 — Bell Canada — TN 7181"). Be quick, the deadline for accepting comments is midnight tonight!

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