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Submission + - Dating Site Expels 'Fatties' (cnn.com)

the4thdimension writes: Online dating site BeautifulPeople.com has apparently decided to cancel over 1,500 of its customers because they were found to have put on too much weight this holiday season. The site, which bases its business model on having only attractive people on its site, requires that a user be voted in by current members as being beautiful in a 48 hour period. The site claims that having overweight people on its site is directly damaging to its business model, but promises that expelled members can register again once they lose the weight.

Submission + - Bruce Schneier on Airport Security (cnn.com)

the4thdimension writes: Bruce Schneier has an opinion piece on CNN this morning that illustrates his view on airport security. Given that he has several books on security, his opinion carries some weight. In the article, Bruce discusses the rarity of terrorism, the pitfalls of security theater, and the actual difficulty surrounding improving security. What are your thoughts? Do you think that we can actually make air travel (and any other kind of travel, for that matter) truly secure?

Submission + - Okalahoma Law to Share Abortion Information (cnn.com)

the4thdimension writes: An article on CNN this morning details a story about a controversial law in Oklahoma that allows the posting of information about women who get abortions. The law has come under fire as being harassment and an invasion of privacy. The state says they are just looking to collect statistics and share what they find.

Comment Re:Oh come on... (Score 1) 836

This is irrelevant - plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and welders are all vocational jobs. There is no four-year degree equivalent that puts them in the same work. Hence, there is ONLY blue-collar jobs to compare. There is no white collar data to compare to it - otherwise I suspect that the white collar side would be paid more.

Submission + - 32 Exoplanets Discovered by Chilean Telescope (cnn.com)

the4thdimension writes: An article on CNN describes that 32 exoplanets have been discovered using a new Chilean telescope. The telescope is capable of detecting movement 2.1mph (comparable to a slow walking pace). These 32 new planets gives the telescope a total of 75 planets its discovered out of the 400 discovered using all methods employed by astronomers. This places the HARPS system as the worlds foremost exoplanet hunter.

Comment Re:Offer the Ebook for free. (Score 1) 987

You're assuming that people are a. searching for his book, and b. actually downloading it in the first place.

I would love to know how he is certain that piracy is affecting his bottom line. After all, he's hardly going to be able to get download figures from the piraters. Couldn't it be that nobody is reading it in the first place?

Yes, he has fallen into the classic "if people are downloading it, they must not be buying it, and thus I must be losing sales."

As we have discussed time and again, a download != a lost sale. The problem with that logic is that it assumes the downloader would have paid for it if it were not available for download. This is a false premise. As an example, for college, I am told that I need to buy expensive textbooks. If they are available for download, I will download them. Otherwise I simply don't purchase them.... ever. A download does not equal a lost sale in this case because I was simply never, ever, going to pay money for it.

Comment Re:Do want (Score 1) 753

This is precisely what I was getting at. The only reason that these things came from DoD research was because DoD was the only one with enough money to fund said research. Spend the same money on another organization and you would have come out with the same product, just with a different research name slapped on it.

Comment Do want (Score 4, Insightful) 753

I am a big supporter of getting back into a R&D based funding operation. And I don't mean we should be R&Ding war tools, we should be developing better telecommunications tools, better healthcare tools, better computers for both business and consumer, better cars, better planes, better boats, better shipping technology... everything. There is no reason that America shouldn't be the world leader in all of these things.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 115

No doubt, but like the scammers of yore, if you attach a consequence for not listening (you lose all your data, or you expose your private data, etc) and tell them that there are few outlets to lean on, they will listen - eventually.

Like I mention in a lower reply, if people want to be ignorant and think that someone will always make it good again, thats their problem, not mine.

Comment Re:Lies, damned lies, and money. (Score 1) 296

The question becomes: is she addicted to the game, or to the people she consoles on the game?

Furthermore, if we define addiction to be using your hobbies to remove stress or feelings of doubt, then people who build model trains must be addicted, people who go boating must be addicted, people who jog must be addicted.

Furthermore, this "study" says nothing for people beyond the age of 18. University is a different place, its more aggressive and its more intense. It assumes people can take charge of their own life. I don't believe that, even if people payed attention in high school, they would learn the skills they needed to succeed in college. As a matter of fact, if you look at college drop-out rates, I am sure they will support my hypothesis. College is as much about learning life as it is learning job skills.

Finally, I play a lot of WoW and still succeed in college just fine. I don't see how she could be so different considering shes in her last year there and its probably not her first year playing WoW.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 115

Seems like a logical fallacy here. It assumes we have tried to educate users, which I don't really feel we have. Anti-virus companies WANT users to remain uneducated, because if they become educated that will put most AV companies out of the job. So, I disagree that education can't work because we haven't even tried. I never learned about safe internet techniques in school, or at work, or anywhere... it was something I had to learn on my own.

When we start aggressively educating people, and THAT fails, then we can talk.

Comment Re:A more simple solution... (Score 1) 115

These problems are beyond the scope of botnet research. SQL exploits are a completely different animal than botnets. A botnet is a fairly sophisticated piece of code that requires the host to download some file for it to plant itself in the system. If users are aware of the fact that downloading files that are not trustworthy and most people didn't do it, botnets would cease to exist. Botnets rely on a majority of people being stupid, and if we can get the majority to be smart, than botnets would be a thing of the past.

Comment Re:A more simple solution... (Score 1) 115

Ignorance is really no excuse. If people are going to be ignorant, than leave it to them to work out their own solutions. Why should I pay money (likely tax dollars) so people get to be more ignorant about computers? Knowledge is power when it comes to defending yourself on the internet, and if people took like 30 minutes to learn about safe procedures and obvious warning signs then all of this would be moot. If people don't want to invest this kind of time, that's their problem, not mine.

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