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Comment Here's the bottom line... (Score 2, Insightful) 379

I use game demos to base my purchases off. I don't run the latest greatest hardware on my computer. Some games like Counter-Strike: Source, Call of Duty: MW and MW2 run really well on my computer while other games like Mass Effect do not. Without a demo I can't gauge whether or not the full game will run properly.

I am not willing to take a $60 risk (not to mention money wasted on gas or shipping) only to find out that the game I just purchased runs at a poor FPS rate.

I just won't buy games anymore, besides they waste quite a bit of my time anyways...

Submission + - Meteor Spotted Over Midwestern United States (

the1337g33k writes: The National Weather Service is reporting that a fireball that many people had witnessed last night is a meteor that entered the atmosphere last night around 10:10PM Central Time. This meteor was spotted by many in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois.

Comment I would prefer this... (Score 1, Interesting) 152

If I could get my actual mail scanned and delivered by e-mail that would be awesome. There are some bills I have that don't have online pay functions yet, and regardless of privacy (since I already sold it to google a while back) this would actually be more private and secure then actually having it delivered. My mail gets stolen from time to time. (yes, I RTFA and I know they still deliver the scanned messages too)

Comment *sigh* (Score 0) 193

Honestly, this guy should not be allowed to hold any intellectual property. Any IP this guy holds will have lawsuits attached to it.

SCO Unix was not a bad operating system, but he literally destroyed the company with all the lawsuits against linux in the name of defending their IP.

Comment YES! (Score 2, Interesting) 244

I love that now I won't have to install both the ActiveX flash player and the Mozilla/Chrome flash player plugin.

Just tried it out and it seems that the store page is no longer has any flash elements at all. They seem to have written it all in javascript, which as most people will agree is much faster in WebKit then IE.

The interface reminds me of when I owned my Zune though (disclaimer: doesn't mean thats bad), but the new My Games page layout is much improved and in my opinion, awesome.

Comment Wattages? (Score 0) 260

It would help to know about how many physical hosts and their wattages though. You say you have one UPS per rack but how many racks are there and whats the average wattage per rack? Exactly how big are the current UPS'es?

There are numbers missing here and if we had those numbers (they dont have to be exact, just close), it would help immensely in finding the best solution for the money.

Comment Re:Not news (Score 0) 819

And at least they just downgrade you - they could instead just shut your system down for a suspected license violation and prevent any log-ins.

I get the impression businesses don't often switch to linux because they feel it is hard to work with. If a false positive shuts down a good portion of their machines, Windows suddenly becomes the OS that is hard to work with. Customers have shown time and again they'll put up with a good amount of annoyance, so WAT just stays in that range and few people will actually move their money elsewhere. NB: This is the impression I get from the IT types posting on slashdot. I am sure someone with actual IT experience can elaborate and/or correct what I am saying.

Corporate IT departments don't like to move to linux because its expensive and we can't persuade the suits to pay for it. In our company, we are unfortunately very dependant on windows. If we moved to linux, not only would we have to replace all the software and migrate the data to the new software but we would also have to rewrite large portions of our in-house created software.

For some companies, leaving windows just isn't an option. If this WAT deactivates our entire company, it might be enough to persuade the suits to pay for the switchover.

The suits would be easier then persuading the developers to rewrite our software though haha

Comment Re:Oh god (Score 0) 311

But you really are saving money here, that may not be how things are done in europe that thats how they are unfortunately done here.

If you buy from t-mobile under contract, you have to pay $180 for the phone and you don't get the discount. When you buy the phone at full price and get the discount, you save about $130 after 2 years (provided my math is correct).

I don't know about you, but that sure looks like saving money to me. Even if it does take 2 years to get actually see it.

Comment Re:sigh... (Score 0, Troll) 251

i forgot to mention a critical piece involving the wait for Microsoft Tuesday before receiving these patches, unlike other OS'es where you don't have to wait a month for the bug to be fixed (unless as mentioned above about the media crapping a load forcing them to release it out-of-band). Hope that clears up the confusion.

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