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Comment Re:Who controls the past controls the future... (Score 1) 64

The whole "right to be forgotten" is an implementation of the fact that over time, whatever happened people naturally forget about, and getting at those records is hard enough that the effort usually isn't worthwhile.

Except this was not the original "right to be forgotten", which was discussed by the European Parliament and meant "I want Facebook to forget MY OWN data I provided it with". That was lobbied aside by Yahoo! and Co. This is related to a ruling by the Supreme European Court (different entity) and the press called it "right to be forgotten" putting a new meaning to an old concept. This nice little trick by the press hijacked all possibilities of debating the old meaning, which made much more sense, actually.

Comment Re:It's like a religion (Score 1) 668

- Mercury in the shots.

You know, there actually are a lot of vaccines who used (or still use) a mercury-based preservant, Thiomersal

That thing is kinda toxic, and it's as old as modern medicine gets, dating back to the '30s.

I mean, don't we have anything better than mercury-based preservant that's 80 years old? Phase it out already!

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