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Comment Re:Why upgrade to the latest shinny new version? (Score 1) 598

Hear, hear!

I switched after about 10 years of using desktop Linux, myself. Sure, I can make it all work with the hardware, or I can buy a laptop that has a *nix on it that works. Sure there are bugs, but I'll accept those, none have been showstoppers for me yet.

I did just buy a new Retina MacBook Pro on Saturday, built in October, it only came with Mavericks.

Comment Re:Maybe the FAA should inform the stewardesses (Score 1) 128

Regarding the EM spectrum thing, I noticed it too. I flew from Houston to Manila with United last year. Taking off from Houston we allowed to use devices, landing in Hawaii we were allowed to use devices. Change planes in Hawaii. Taking off we were allowed to use devices. However, upon landing in Guam (still part of the US and on the same plane) we were not allowed to use devices?

Comment ~80% chance (Score 1) 42

That I'll get the job I have now.

I'm not at a major university, I'm at a large agricultural NGO with my own lab of 11 researchers and a PhD student who is hosted at the uni down the street. However, according to their model there's less than 80% chance that I'll become a PI.

I'd be interested to know what's different. I realise that it's a model, thus it's wrong. Still, I guess ~80% is a pretty strong relationship for something like this. It was fun to try.

Comment Re:No thank you to all that (Score 1) 321

Have you used a Kindle or any other e-reader with a touch screen? Your fingerprint comment makes me think that you've not tried one. I had one of the old Sony touch screen e-Readers and now a Kindle Paperwhite. I get more fingerprints on the bezel than on the screen (never) because it's not glossy.

Comment Re:Tonopah Rob is a Real Farmer (Score 1) 217

+5 Informative? With a statement like this?

Chemical pesticides are less than 100 years old. We got along just fine for beforehand for millennia without them.

You'd best edit Wikipedia, quickly, then!

Chemical pesticides date back 4,500 years, when the Sumerians used sulfur compounds as insecticides. The Rig Veda, which is about 4,000 years old, also mentions the use of poisonous plants for pest control.

Comment Re:you have OpenCS (Score 2) 285

Hmm, Gimp is fairly decent for a Photoshop alternative. I know pros won't be switching, but I'm proficient enough with it that I still prefer it now.

However, Gimp won't cover Illustrator. Inkscape does a damned good job with SVGs.

I'm a scientist, not a designer, so these cover the needs of me and my lab for no cost. I can do nice looking posters and whatnot with these tools, quite efficiently.

Comment Re:power over phonelines (Score 1) 449

Mmm, yes, I while had cell phones that I mainly used when I still lived in the States; I also had a landline in my home. Two cordless phones in the house that used. However, I had a cheap corded phone that I just kept in a cabinet in case of an emergency. Like the 7 days we were without power due to an ice storm. Corded phone came out, I was able to keep in contact. Sure, I could charge my cell phone in the car, but I had to leave the car running to do that.

Comment Re:GMOs=evil business (Score 1) 510

Blaming GMOs for this is silly. We've had herbicide resistant weeds before. It's the cultural practices used in production. Scientists warn of this and companies give guidelines on proper use, e.g. refuges of non-Bt corn to help prevent resistance from building up in insect population, use different mode of action herbicides, etc. but farmers (yes my father was one) often ignore these guidelines and do what's easy. Thus the problems.

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