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Comment Re:Tau is greater than pi (Score 1) 133

To anyone who knows what they are doing, both pi and tau are simply constants. Absorb either into some constant term, or carry it around with you wherever you go---it doesn't matter. Real engineers, mathematicians, scientists, etc can handle either constant without difficulty. The real advantage that tau has over pi is pedagogical. It is much easier to communicate the relation between angle measure and arc length with tau. Since trig functions deal with lengths more readily than area, it makes sense to teach people trigonometry using a constant that is more closely related to length.

Comment Re:Direct link to paper (Score 5, Informative) 279

This is not the paper described in the summary, but rather an older paper with some of the same authors. The paper referenced in the summary was published online yesterday in Nature Climate Change. I'm sorry that I can't give a direct link to a .pdf (yay for paywalls keeping all of the non-ivory tower plebs out! huzzah!), but for those with access, the paper can be found at Influence of high-latitude atmospheric circulation changes on summertime Arctic sea ice. For those without access to an academic library, the first author provides an email contact. One presumes that a polite request would yield the full text of the paper.

Comment Re:If you're sending something "worth $5000"... (Score 1) 172

I work in the logistics industry

In all seriousness, what company do you work at where it is at all reasonable for somebody to tip over a 700 pound crate that is clearly marked with "fragile" and "this side up" on every surface just because they are in a "tremendous hurry"? I will make sure to not use them.

Comment Re:I don't like the higan dev. (Score 1) 172

Let me make sure I have this straight. You think it's "karma" that, in exchange for engaging in bad practices in an open source project (that anybody else could have come along and fixed if they cared so much), he's lost thousands of dollars of potentially irreplaceable hardware. Yeah, that sure sounds fair to me...

Comment Re:Fundamental problem with this project... (Score 1) 172

How is he supposed to KNOW that the bits in the cartridge are correct?

Well, most of the time it's obvious by just playing through the game. Corrupted bits usually cause serious glitches if they don't render the ROM completely inoperable. A single pixel change in a sprite would be relatively rare.

The easier way to know is to dump from multiple different cartridges and then compare the results. It's astronomically unlikely that random corruption would occur in the exact same way on two different cartridges.

And if you've only got a single cartridge and it somehow has a bad pixel, that sucks, but it's better than having nothing at all.

Comment Re:If you're sending something "worth $5000"... (Score 1) 172

...then you're a fucking MORON not sending it fedex, and/or insured.

Funny story, at my workplace we recently shipped a 700 pound, $100,000 robot across the country via FedEx.

When it arrived at its destination, somehow they had managed to rotate it vertically 90 degrees, even though every side of the crate was clearly marked as to which side was up. Sensors were smashed, cables were torn apart, joints were broken. The base frame wasn't ruined, but it was damaged.

We had it insured, fortunately, but getting paid for it didn't suddenly make our schedule not slip by several weeks.

Since then we have decided not to use FedEx again.

Comment lolz (Score 1) 88

"they couldn't secure financing for manufacturing and shipping the first batch of units"

If only we had a way to provide funding for products? We could set up websites that enabled people to post commercially unviable ideas, collect sales in advance, and then bullshit for two years about why they haven't shipped, promised features have been removed, etc.

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