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Submission + - ARM shows off 2GHz dual-core Cortex A9 (pcworld.com)

the linux geek writes: ARM Inc. has released information about its upcoming Cortex A9 processor core, demonstrating a dual-core 2GHz model that outperform's Intel's Atom N270 while consuming less power. ARM-powered subnotebooks, frequently referred to as "smartbooks," are expected to appear in the first half of 2010. ARM suggests that most smartboooks will be clocked in the 1GHz range, but retain the dual-core design.
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Oracle promises to boost SPARC, Solaris (techcrunch.com)

the linux geek writes: "In an attempt to calm nervous Sun customers, Oracle has published a full-page advertisement in the European version of the Wall Street Journal promising to spend twice as much money on both SPARC and Solaris development. Although this may reassure high-end SPARC customers, MySQL is conspicuously absent from the advertisement."

Submission + - Google in Competition Investigation (bbc.co.uk)

the linux geek writes: "Google is undergoing an investigation by the European Union for it's $3.1 billion acquisition of internet advertiser DoubleClick. "We seek to avoid further delays that might put us at a disadvantage in competing fully against Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL and others whose acquisitions in the highly competitive online advertising market have already been approved," said Google boss Eric Schmidt. The United States' Federal Trade Commission has been reviewing the acquisition since May."

Submission + - Hands on with the Intel Metro

the linux geek writes: "Intel's "Metro" prototype laptop has caused quite a stir recently, being both one of the slimmest laptops ever conceived and supporting the new Microsoft standard known as SideShow. SideShow includes a second screen on the outside of the laptop, with software support for viewing pictures, checking email, and, of course, playing Solitaire. AeroXperience has the exclusive report, including HD video and several pictures."

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