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Comment Article is FUD (Score 3, Informative) 144

This article makes no sense. It says the vulnerability affects the Galaxy S4 but only if you are running an outdated firmware (like Kit kat). However, there is an official (pushed OTA) update to Jelly Bean on this device, so all you have to do to not be vulnerable is apply the update! Same as usual: if you want to avoid vulnerabilities, update your stuff regularly.

Comment Re:Consumers (Score 1) 111

The French surrender? I thought this old meme stopped being funny when it turned out it was NOT a good idea to invade Irak and the French turned out to be right to not go in all along

Not debating whether the meme is old or not but how does not fighting kill the French always surrender joke?

I'm just saying, the US is engaged in many conflicts, not all of which are very well justified, so you sound a bit like a warmongering cowboy when you say that. See why it's not funny now?

Comment Re:Consumers (Score 2) 111

Yes, it's consumers. Because it's a French company, if you have to dispute an over charge, they just surrender and back it off.

The French surrender? I thought this old meme stopped being funny when it turned out it was NOT a good idea to invade Irak and the French turned out to be right to not go in all along...

Anyway, I'll tell you who this is BAD news for: whoever is competing with T-Mobile in the US. I'm myself in France and from what I gather, the "competitive market" of mobile operators in the US is in pretty bad shape. Pretty ironic when you think about it, in the land of the Free Market.

Dinosaurs, get ready for some major disruption, there's a new competitor in town and it is meaner, leaner and and more aggressive than you are. Adapt fast or face extinction. Le the fun begin.

Comment Re:Future historians will be confused (Score 1) 89

Maybe they should quit trying to structure their society into an amusement park and rely on others to handle the practical concerns that keep them alive, and instead take a hint from the likes of, say, North Korea, who actually face the problems that life puts in front of them and address them with their own hands instead of passing the buck to someone else like a little bitch.

That way they could also enjoy a quality of life simimilar to those who live North Korea! Oh... wait... are you serious?


New VP8 Codec SDK Release Improves Performance 168

An anonymous reader writes "Google released a new version of the VP8 codec SDK on Thursday. They note a number of performance improvements over the launch release including 20-40% (average 28%) improvement in libvpx decoder speed, an over 7% overall PSNR improvement (6.3% SSIM) in VP8 'best' quality encoding mode, and up to 60% improvement on very noisy, still or slow moving source video. In other WebM news, Texas Instruments has a demo of 1080p WebM video playing on their new TI OMAP 4 processor, in both Android and Ubuntu."

Comment Re:Video card recommendations? (Score 3, Informative) 245

ATI HD5770 or nVidia GTX260 or GTX460. If you want to be able to use the latest in OpenGL 4.x and OpenCL, you'll want to go with ATI HD5770 or GTX460.

This reply post contains many errors and is not at all informative. The grandparent asked for video cards that work well with open source 2D/3D drivers, the ATI card he cites only has experimental support only, and will probably not be functionnal for a while, and those 2 nVidia cards he cites have no working 3D driver AT ALL. Please mod that post down to the basement.

The correct answer to his question is:

buy an ATI Radeon X1900 or less video card, I suggest the X1650. These cards have good open source 2D/3D drivers, where released within the last 5 years and can run the applications you mentioned. Anyting more recent would probably be less stable, but will improve over time, and Intel does not build "video cards".

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