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Comment About Opera's GUI (Score 4, Informative) 274

I love two things about Opera: One is integrated www, email and rss and the other is it that it's one of the most customizable software I've ever seen. You can change *every* keyboard/mouse/mouse-gesture setting and you can customize *every* ui element (and with a good menu to do so, too).

For software i spend hours each day using, like a browser, I think the most important thing is a good user interface - and there is no better one than the one you built yourself. But it kinda makes talking about the interface pointless - spend 10 minutes with it and it will look like (your personal version of) perfection.

Comment Because children are just tomorrows criminals (Score 1) 693

Ok, England is an isle, but does that explain why their children seem to be a demonic race of violent criminals from hell that needs constant supervision? How else can you explain that in the rest of the world tries to treat children with love and trust and they pretty much turn out great?

Every time i hear how the UK goverment looks down at and treats their population as if they were savage, violent Untermenschen i wonder how it could come so far. "Wehret den AnfÃngen!" is just a nice local quote, right?

So what will be next? Looking at my own country's history, the next step after demonizing and controlling a group in society was declaring them a treat to society. For the better of themselfes and society as a whole they need to be concentrated, reeducated and prevented from breeding. Oh and then the killing started, but i guess we live in different times now, right?

Comment But microsoft is evil? (Score 1) 397

Imagine Microsoft selecting what apps may be installed on a windows computer. Sure, the scale is much bigger and smartphones are tied very tight to a particular os, but the essence is that Apple can decide what apps can be installed on hardware you've bought ... i think Microsoft got sued for *alot* less. Has really nobody sued them over the appstore yet or did i simply miss it?
Hardware Hacking

Unofficial Homebrew Channel For the Wii 150

marcan writes "The Homebrew Channel is a tool that can be installed on any Wii (no hardware mods required) that lets you run unsigned homebrew software from an SD card, or upload executables via WiFi or a USBGecko. We've tried to make it friendly for users with a simple GUI, and powerful for developers with direct upload features and reloading which we hope will make testing less painful. The channel can be installed using a DVD if you have a modchip, or using an exploit in Zelda: Twilight Princess which only requires an SD card (or any future hack or booting method). Once installed, it simply shows up as a Channel on the Wii Menu, just like any official channel. Hopefully, this and other recent developments (such as the upcoming devkitPPC r15 toolchain, much improved and with many bugs fixed) will help make the Wii an appealing platform for DIY software. And yes, it also runs Linux."

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