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Comment EU-Law and blocking internet content (Score 1) 134

Well, again the discussion who should do what. Should these sites be blocked or should action be taken against the people who are responsible. My personal opinion is, that blocking traffic does not work, as it is hard to block IP addresses, as one IP Address can hold several websites, which normally are legitemate. So only blocking through the DNS server of the provider would be an option, which can be fooled so easily.So that kind of blocks have no impact or use. In my opinion, the governments should make sure that the provider/owner of the sites gets prosecuted in the country where the server is located. That will work, if measures of pressure will come in to effect, like blocking all that countries IP traffic to and from Europe. There is no country which can allow something like that to happen. The legal side though is different. The EU-Law says clearly and that has recently been confirmed by the EU Commission, that it is Governments and providers NOT allowed to block content on the internet. There is a EU-Law which provides the freedom to receive everything you want, either by means of the internet, air or other means. (if this law is good or not, I leave that for the reader to judge). The law is based on the fact, that not the receiver is to blame for something, but the one who causes it.) In my opinion, there should be a EU wide control organisation, part of the Justice Department / EU Court of Justice, which will take action for the EU against countries who enable People to have website which hold Child Pormografy or other illegal stuff. Only if it is done on a large scale there will be any chance for success. By the way, the EU already said it will bring France for the EU court(s) if they would vote for this law. That is also the reason, why Germany has not implemented the law, as they also got a negative advice on the implementation from the EU.

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