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Comment Comeback? yes... but won't be as popular (Score 1) 163

The problem with them was that there was not enough music that people recognised and actually wanted to play - so although a game might include "80 songs" I'd recognise about 10 of them and of the ones I didn't know I'd enjoy maybe another 20-30... leaving about half the songs that I just didn't enjoy playing.

I was VERY good at guitar hero/Rock Band for a while and I do miss those games but I can't these games making a comeback unless they actually get a decent amount of recognisable music in there - which probably means that music companies also need to stop being so bloody greedy too.

Comment Re:Great use of govt money! (Score 1) 121

I don't expect any real results from this study for many years, but I think it's a very important study to do.

Great. Then you pay for it. I don't share your enthusiasm, so why should I have to share your bill?

See now I, and a lot of the rest of the so-called "First World" completely fail to comprehend this attitude from Americans. I find it laughable to be quite frank. Why the hell do you not want to look after your fellow people?

Comment Re:I hope Google gets Qt (Score 2) 125

There is already a community-run project to port Qt to Android. It's called necessitas, and today the Alpha 4 version was released for testing.

I've dabbled a bit with it with previous versions, and it's in a very good state already :)

See here: (It seems the website isn't showing alpha 4 yet, but it was announced on the necessitas mailing today that it was available).

Comment Re:Dreamcast = worst console ever. (Score 1) 65

I really don't understand why it's so beloved. It basically had not a single interesting game, had the worst controller since... can't remember when... and had a Microsoft OS that powered it.

It did nothing well. It was terrible. It had/has nothing going for it. Why do people praise that turd?

Some of my best gaming days were had with my Dreamcast, with games like Power Stone, Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue 1+2, Metropolis Street Racing, Phantasy Star Online...

Oh and I also found a girlfriend via the Dreamcast chat stuff (can't remember what it was called now). Didn't last that long due to distance, but it happened, nonetheless.

At the risk of being modded as inflammatory/trolling, I'm afraid to say you have no idea what you are talking about.

Comment Re:At first... (Score 1) 200

Sorry, what? I don't care if you lost your leg, acting like an ass and suing everyone within range after the fact makes you a fucking douchebag.

Why is this girl even remotely involved in this case at all? When driving, it is the SOLE responsibility of the DRIVER to ensure that they are paying attention to the road and following all relevant laws.

Because she sends a text to him, somehow there's a small possibility that SHE is the cause of the accident? WHAT? It is the DRIVER's responsibility to ensure that he/she is paying attention to the road. He should have ignored the text until it was safe for him to read it - it won't be going anywhere! Phones have this amazing invention called "storage" where it stores the message for you INDEFINITELY until you tell it otherwise...

That there are people in here somehow agreeing with the idea that this woman should be sued by these people simply beggars belief. They should be going after the person who hit them, and if he hasn't received what may be a "fair" punishment then they should be going after the people handing out the punishments.

Comment Re:A week? (Score 1) 1004

Actually GoT is only about 16 hours behind the US in the UK. It's broadcast on sunday night in the US, then that same episode is on Sky Atlantic the following Monday in the UK.

But I agree entirely with the rest of your post :D

The problem is the intentional limiting of the availability of the content and the hobbling of said content by loading it with DRM and other restrictions that prevent you from watching it where and when you would like.

Comment Re:I like this (Score 1) 316

I just want to call you a fucking moron when you do something stupid and have you be mildly embarrassed and have that mild embarrassment be a motivator to fix your behavior in the future instead of going, "uh, gee, golly gosh, you know it's actually more effective..." and then have somebody mash "UNLIKEABLE" because I didn't make them feel like a perfect snowflake.

And that attitude is precisely the problem.

If I'm doing something stupid/wrong/whatever, I have NO PROBLEM at all with this, if the person additionally tells me, in a NON-OFFENSIVE manner, what I am doing wrong, WHY they think I am doing it wrong, and WHAT I could do differently so that I don't fuck up in the future.

The problem is that people with that sort of attitude are rare, and now people will just call you a stupid fucking noob and tell you to go read some wiki guide and watch 3 hours of youtube guides that teach you precisely fuck all because you aren't actually learning anything when watching said videos. Then they initiate a votekick and kick you from their game for being stupid. Meaning you learn precisely sod all, decide that you instead do not like playing with the sort of people that play the game, and then don't play again.

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