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Comment Re:I suppose (Score 1) 488

The only thing you're going to get by giving people that choice, is even more hardcore rebellion and increased radicalization in other areas. The BEST case scenario is that the US starts really looking like a terrorist and the international community manages to make the Americans feel shitty enough about it to make the political stance untenable.

You are not going to get peace by bullying the other person into submission.

Comment Re:I suppose (Score 5, Insightful) 488

So basically, you want the Americans to channel the shittiest of all dictators and along with their bombings, occupy and terrorize a population. And this is marked insightful? Disgusting.

I get it. That barbaric culture is scary. You're afraid of them breeding like rabbits and establishing sharia law after immigrating to your country. If you react in this way, there is literally nothing separating you from the terrorists. Their ideas are your ideas. You literally WANT TO TERRORIZE THEM INTO SUBMISSION.

How the fuck is this insightful? Consider if someone was saying this about the US. You just know that even though you'll subjugate the majority, you will always have an armed rebellion for as long as you're there. Legitimately fighting their brutal occupiers. If The US saw Russia doing that, they'd call them brutal aggressive occupiers and that's what you'd be.

There are better options. They are harder, complex and don't give you the satisfaction of the genocide you crave. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. It may be from a movie but it's the goddamn truth. Real solutions are harder than that but maybe we humans haven't reached a level of emotional or intellectual maturity to use them yet.

Comment We need to take the facts dished out (Score 1) 681

I accept that I'm not as well versed in formal science as I'd like to be. I care about it a lot and think i's deeply interesting and I've read about it a lot but that's still no a formal education in science.
I think a lot of us are the same way if we just have CS degrees and I don't see what's so hard to admit about that.


Submission + - Wireless Carriers Considering Net Neutrality Death

suraj.sun writes: Wireless Carriers OPENLY Considering Charging Per Service

A marketing webinar put on by two companies that count Verizon, AT&T and Vodafone as clients, describes a system that identifies customer internet activity and charges a different rate for using Facebook than watching YouTube, while allowing access to Vodafone services for free.

Yes, that's basically the nightmare scenario for net neutrality advocates. The two companies behind the slide are Allot Communications and Openet, which sell subscriber-management tools to carriers around the world — tools that Allot's director of marketing says can scan even encrypted packets to determine what service customers are using and charge accordingly.


Comment Both actually (Score 1) 390

To read, there's nothing like a paper book. It is just convenient apart from everything else awesome about it. Plus the uniqueness of a book can play a big part in the value, I can pass down a book with my inscription in it and it's not the same as even a tablet pc used to inscribe an e-book.

However if I'm just looking for a phrase or something or if I'm looking for a book to re-read, I would prefer an electronic version that is searchable.

Comment Re:Wake up (Score 2, Insightful) 619

Your precious citizens, the corporate overlords, ship manufacturing to china and support calls to India and you blame the people who took a job for the loss of 'your jobs' ? Blame the manager who made the decision to give the job to someone else, not the person who chose to accept it. BTW. Do you believe in free trade? Do you know that it extends beyond goods and services? It applies for jobs too. Jobs subject to the free market and all that. I wonder why the usual free trade nuts simultaneously hate outsourcing. It's like they choose the part which only benefits them.

Comment Re:indeed (Score 1) 1231

Y'know what this kind of bitching, hey download and test the beta builds, contribute to debugging; is fine for the technically inclined out there but you release it to the general public they won't even know what the hell you're talking about. Btw, why are there so many regressions anyway? Wifi worked in 8.04, I didn't expect to *break* in a clean install of 8.10 among numerous other issues. If you can really say "well expect things to break that already work, tough shit" you're a tool of unimaginable magnitude.

Comment Obscene (Score 1) 229

Well a lot of games involve violence of some sort as critical to gameplay, FPS being a favourite of mine where the objective is to annhilate occasionally with good strategy. Games with a sexual objective? Not so much. Of course there could be just as well. However apart from this it's interesting to note just what society calls 'obscene' in Indian movies a hint of sexuality gets a movie's rating bumped up a couple age groups but a movie I once saw which had systematic hunting down and killing people in crazy ways (including being decapitated by a flying car door from a car exploding) and having a head sheared off with brute force, this got a fucking G rating. While matrix 3 with it's tiny no parts visible sex in the beginning automatically gets that an R rating. There's hypocrisy for you.

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