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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Good Lightweight Freenix Desktops

that this is not und writes: My main 'freenix' desktop system is an aging Dell Optiplex GX1 with a P3-450 and 768 M of memory running NetBSD. This used to be a dynamite system in it's day. When I first started experimenting with Linux, my main system was a 486-33 and we all were snapping up used 386-anything systems (386sx-16 comes to mind) to hang more Linux out on our personal networks at home.

A P3-450 should still be a useful system, and I make plenty of good use of it. But I've done so by remaining fairly agnostic in the 'Desktop wars' that go on in the land of software bloat: I don't run a KDE or Gnome-based desktop, I have a years-old well tweaked .fvwm2rc file and use FVWM.

There are limitations in using this for a Window Manager, but none that really impede my use. I run Sylpheed for email, use the Xfe file browser, and (of course) Mozilla SeaMonkey for my main portal to the 'Web.' I don't really do 'K' anything and consider GTK to be a bunch of useful widgets, not something to base my world around.

There are a bunch of Window Managers in the NetBSD packages collection that I haven't tried. I thought it would be an interesting discussion to discuss the alternative classic 'X Window System' window managers (as opposed to the all-and-mighty 'Big Two' Desktop Environments.) Is there any cool stuff being done with Motif, now that it's free? What are the best window managers out there in 2007?

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