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Submission + - Linode Hacked Through ColdFusion Zero Day

Trailrunner7 writes: The attackers who compromised Web hosting provider Linode used a zero day vulnerability in Adobe ColdFusion and were able to access the company's database, source code and customers' credit card numbers and passwords. The company said that the customer credit card numbers were encrypted, as were the passwords, but it forced a system-wide password reset after the attack was discovered.

The attack on Linode was described by the company on Monday, a few days after it said that one of its customers was compromised. The details of the attack are quite similar to other attacks that have resulted in password leaks and database breaches, aside from the use of the ColdFusion zero day. Many of these operations tend to be executed through the use of stolen or compromised credentials or a known bug in one of the targeted systems.

Comment Couchdb and chicagoboss (Score 1) 274

I have two sites one using Couchdb and the other chicagoboss+mongodb both scale well over for 500K users so far. The best part of it is that they both run on very cheap. chicagoboss on a bunch of m1.small spot instances and mongodb on a reserved m1.large While couchdb a group of spot instances and reserved m1.smalls. Erlang based web apps really scale well.

Comment ... for Great Good! (Score 1) 360

Two great tutorials for two great languages: Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!: or Learn You some Erlang: These languages are different from the herd yet particle (Erlang more so). Erlang is used in hundreds of products and systems and it's paradigm matches our real world.

Comment Boring and poorly structured. (Score 1) 285

I enrolled but it could never engage me. It was poor in depth and structure. I tried on it my children (11 & 16) and they found it boring and a bit too slow. I guess it could pass for 6th grade content but never for a university course. I guess I though I would be getting something similar to Downey's Think Stats or the Heads Up Series - which I don't like but is generally well thought out and well pitched. I can't help feeling that this is like everything else out of the google stables - well hyped but half baked - Yes if this is the way forward I can only feel content that my education was a cut above the rest and there will be plenty of highly paid work available for me right until my death.

Submission + - Google Announces Compute Engine - At Last An Alternative to Amazon AWS

mikejuk writes: Google's Compute Engine is the first credible alternative to Amazon's AWS. Until today the cloud was Amazon — now at last it's a two-horse race (or more).
The announcement includes the line:
"...allows Google Compute Engine to give you 50% more compute for your money than with other leading cloud providers"
And we know who "other leading cloud providers" are! A full price table is available and from this, for example, a single core image with 3.75GB and 420Gbytes of storage is $0.145 per hour, which is a lot more power than the same rate would buy at AWS.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What Defines Good Developer Culture?

An anonymous reader writes: We are a team of 6 people developing applications for mobile devices (Android & iOS). In our company, which consists of many teams responsible for "classic" software development, business intelligence, virtualization, hardware, etc., we are kind of a small startup because we were the first to use agile methods like Scrum and we are open to new technologies and methods. Also our team is pretty young with me being the oldest with 30 years.

We would like to further raise productivity and motivation and thus are currently collecting points which make up a good developer/hacker culture and which may be improved in our team/company. This can be points that we can either improve ourselves or have to pass on to management.

I would like to know what in your opinion defines good, modern developer culture? What does developer culture consists of?

For example is it

- clearly defined career opportunities
- geeky office
- benefits like trips to extraordinary conferences like WWDC or Google I/O
- ...

Please let me know.

Submission + - RIP 'Software' Companies; Hello 'Data' Companies (

onlynmkj writes: This has a lot of implications for a range of organizations. The crossover from being purely a software provider to a data empire-builder seems like a natural transition many software players could make. As part of a move to the cloud, for example, they could provide metrics and monitoring data that help customers run more efficiently.

Submission + - 7000 Irish e-voting machines to be scrapped (

lampsie writes: You may recall back in January 2012 that the Irish government had deemed their stock of 7000 e-voting machines 'worthless'. Turns out they are not — after spending upwards of €54 million euro purchasing them almost a decade ago, all 7000 will now be scrapped for €70,000 (just over nine euros each). The machines were scrapped because 'they could not be guaranteed to be safe from tampering [...] and they could not produce a printout so that votes/results could be double-checked.'

Submission + - Write BASIC, run Java (

An anonymous reader writes: BINSIC allows you to write BASIC code, as though for an old Sinclair machine, and run it anywhere you have Java. Source code is available and it comes with code to run Conway's Game of Life.
BINSIC is actually written in Groovy, which runs atop the JVM but is supplied in JAR form and so can be used just as a Java JAR.


Submission + - UK Hacktivists From LulzSec Plead Guilty To Charges (

An anonymous reader writes: LulzSec is a hacking organisation that started in 2011. They are a division of the group,Anonymous, who are well known for hacking both Mastercard and PayPal. They have been running into a fairly large amount of legal trouble as of late, due to the ringleader of the hacktivist group, Sabu, turning into an informant after his FBI arrest.

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