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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 114

I agree. Why put ypur stuff in an area prone to flooding and terrorist attack? Why not locate someplace like, I dunno, Kansas and have the benefit of an area that is way more stable than Manhattan. As long as the Wicked Witch of the West doesnt't come calling, you're fine. Even then, to my knowledge Kansas is not really prone to geophysical instability to prevent locating sub-surface.

Comment Reminds me of something... (Score 1) 218

"We have access to virtually every kind of information. I found your name on the passenger list of the [plane] that crashed." Arthur was astonished. "You mean they knew about the crash?" "Well, of course they knew. You don't have a whole [airplane disappear into the Atlantic] without someone knowing about it.' "But you mean, they knew where it had happened? They knew I'd survived?' "Yes." "But nobody's ever been to look or search or rescue. There's been absolutely nothing." "Well there wouldn't be. It's a whole complicated [airliner manufacturing] thing. They just bury the whole thing. Pretend it never happened. The [airliner] business is completely screwy now. You know they've reintroduced the death penalty for [airliner manufacturing] company directors?' "Really?" said Arthur. "No I didn't. For what offence?' Trillian frowned. "What do you mean, offence?" "I see."

Comment Re:What about real city driving? (Score 1) 572

I say that people are the problem. If people were courteous enough to follow the Stop Sign rule and not get angry and impatient then we would not need traffic lights. Traffic lights in turn cause the problem of the backups you just described, because of the lag of one driver hesitating and starting the positive feedback loop. Like this:

Comment I thought /. was fast... (Score 1) 63

...but I heard this on the RADIO two days ago. But anyway, if you're stupid enough to rob a bank or whatever and then update your facebook or twitter status "i just robbed a bank lol" then you deserve whats coming. I only bother with facebook about once every two weeks, and I find twitter to be absolutely useless.

Comment Re:You know what they say... (Score 1) 71

Well, depends on the quality of the video. If we assume that video is 30 frames a second, that would make 30,000 words a second and 1,800,000 words a minute. A full length movie at this rate (assuming 1.5 hours) 162,000,000 words, plus dialog. This is of course high-quality video, but its pretty amazing how quickly that adds up.

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