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Comment Re:Dangerous comment (Score 1) 117

"evaluate the security of the software that opens each port"

Unless you are running open source you aren't evaluating anything. An "app" can do WHATEVER IT WANTS. Any closed source software can. Who cares about "open ports"? You don't know what the software is doing. It could steal all your information and connect() to a server in China. And you care about "open ports"?

Comment Re: Open ports (Score 1) 117

One endpoint is calling listen(). Are you saying calling listen() is a security risk? That makes no sense. You have dozens of ports "open" on the computer you use every day. A mobile phone normally doesn't have a public IP anyway, and is behind a carrier NAT usually. I think you guys are confusing "open ports" with "closed source". Open ports are fine. The Internet is full of them. That is how things communicate. The problem is you don't know what these "apps" are doing.

Comment Re:Dangerous comment (Score 1) 117

What? That makes no sense. What is the difference between an open port on an Android device and the dozens that are open on your personal computer? Nothing. An Android device is just a computer. Really, people are stupid.

"If a port is opened on an Android device, that 100% means that an app opened it for some reason"

Really? Genius. You must be a "security researcher".

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