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Journal Journal: Hussein condemned to death

Condeming a person to death does not strike me as particular ethical, but ok, he was a bad guy. Had I been the judge, he would have stayed in jail the rest of his life. And out of humanitarian reasons, I would have allowed him a suicide pill.

But .. the sentence itself is nothing to be proud of. It marks the failure of international law and the sad state of the world today, and I know of at least one world leader that really should acknowledge that.


Journal Journal: Euro

The EU ministers of Finance have decided that all countries that want to adopt the Euro, have to call it "Euro". That's so smart. Aparently, in Slovenia, they call it "Evro", I guess because Europe is spelt "Evropa" in Serbo-Croatian, and because the sound of the "u" is inappropriate here. But no, they will have to write "Euro" if they want to participate. What's the next brilliant move of our leaders? To force the Greeks to give up their alphabet and start using the Latin one?

I think I would make a very good minister of finance.

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