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Comment No More Line Between Tablet & Laptop (Score 2) 521

I feel like this is the first product that finally removes the line. Even the best tablets before this didn't run the same OS and a laptop or desktop, and while the RT may be argued to not remove that difference, the Pro does. Not that the keyboard will be as good or the experience the same, but the product has finally arrived that removes the line. You can now install the same program file to your desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Comment Re:shocker (Score 1) 167

Not 1 single bitcoin user would have gone for such a product. This story had fake written all over it from the beginning.

This is dead wrong!!! Many Bitcoin users would be all over this as Bitcoin is not accepted at many places and this would be a very simple way of transferring the money and spending it.

Submission + - Revamp the Internet: Internet II (

mj24 writes: "Those of us who remember the Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace know that the Internet is still the hope of humanity. We also know that its great potential has turned into Internet suburbia after Napster was shutdown. I'm proposing to revamp the monolithic OSI model and make a p2p Internet. The key to succeeding where other's have failed? A 3-d Presentation layer."

Submission + - Satellite Uplinks for the Masses ( 1

kgeiger writes: Intellectual Ventures has spun out Kymeta to develop and mass-produce their mTenna product line. mTennas are based on metamaterials like the invisibility cloaks discussed on Slashdot and elsewhere. Metamaterials enable beam-steering that ensures an mTenna remains in contact with satellites even during motion. Kymeta will use 'established lithographic techniques' to make them.

IMHO, these antennas may be as big a leap for mobile computing and remote communications as the invention of fractal antennas was for mobile phones.

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