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Comment Re:Cut the cord for real (Score 2) 71

I use my 55inch 4k TV as a monitor. It's great for playing steam games with friends using a Xbox 360 controller. I refuse to pay 60$ a year for the "privilege" of multiplayer on PS4/Xbox One so when I play anything multiplayer it's on Steam. When I use a wireless mouse and keyboard it's a little painful with lag but it's manageable. Since I only use Windows for Windows-only things, it's the only computer that has Windows installed.

When I want to do real work, I have a Linux laptop.

Comment Re:I can see it now (Score 1) 67

Actually, no. My Sony 4K TV has Android built-in. I normally watch YouTube videos in their highest available qualities. So if this thing works out with content providers then I could potentially be watching television in a higher quality format than what Comcast gives me now. Though, to be honest, I rarely watch TV anymore. I only have it as it was a cheaper deal than just getting internet alone.

Comment Buy an Island (Score 1) 842

I'd buy an island off the coast of Italy. I'd find someone willing to spend all my money (which shouldn't be too hard) and I'd use a couple million to create a venture capitalist corporation. I'd hire people to run the day-to-day operations and live on my island away from the world.

If there's any money left, I'd buy a professional sports team.

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