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Submission + - Major Tollway Project comes unstuck

tg123 writes: In a tale of the mouse that roared

A project to build a toll road from Brisbane city to the Brisbane airport in Queensland Australia , has come unstuck after BrisConnections largest unit holder, Nick Bolton , has convened a meeting to have the company,BrisConnection wound up.

BrisConnections is a company that was setup to fund,build and manage the Aus$4.8 Billion dollar Airport Link project. The company was floated on the stock exchange with the requirement that shareholders had to pay two $1 dollar additional installments for every share at a later date. When the shares came on to the market they tanked their value dropping to (Aus$) 1c a share.

Investors who have shares that are virtually worthless now have to pay an Additional $2 for every share they own. Nick Bolton is now in the enviable position of deciding the future of the company and ... wait for it ....

he has an exit strategy.

Submission + - Korean actress sentenced for adultery 1

tg123 writes: "On BBC news website its reported that Korean actress Ok So-ri , has been given a suspended prison sentence of eight months for adultery. This slashdot reader wants to know why Korea is so media-evil. If your Married and banging someone else its none of the courts business. If your partner does feel aggrieved thats why you have divorces ."

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