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Submission + - First iPhone Camper Found (

tfunk1234 writes: "The first rabid Apple fan-boy's have been spotted queuing for an iPhone has been spotted.

Two individuals can now flaunt the crown of "the very first iPhone line waiters", having camped out Monday morning on a Midtown Manhattan sidewalk more than four days before the Apple device is due to go on sale. At 5:00 a.m. on Monday, the two iPhone enthusiasts stationed themselves outside Apple's Fifth Avenue flagship shop in New York City's Manhattan borough, assuring their first and second places in line. Yes — they plan to remain there till Friday evening and are seeking food and MetroCards as donations.
Thanks to Apple Insider. Now let the jokes begin!"

Wireless Networking

Submission + - CSIRO's US win for 802.11a/g patent (

CRC'99 writes: "The Australian IT is reporting:

THE CSIRO has won another round in its lengthy battle in the US to collect millions of dollars in royalties for its 1996-patented Wireless LAN technology. Last Friday, a US federal court granted the science agency's application for an injunction to stop the Buffalo group of companies from infringing the CSIRO patent in the US. The injunction prevents the sale of products using CSIRO-patented technology until a licence is negotiated.
It's good to see that Australian Government research may finally get the rewards of inventing technology that is used by millions of people these days. The CSIRO however has yet to see a single cent from US companies using CSIRO patented technology without any licensing."


Submission + - Google goes offline

Junglebookboy writes: "Salubri brings us the latest Google scoop from Robert Scoble. Google has come out with a bunch of new features to coincide with Developer day! Read more on the Google blog here. The news in brief is that you can now read feeds offline with Google Reader... And there is a new mashup tool to compete with Microsoft's Popfly. is up and running for beta (by invite only of course) A new version of Google Web Toolkit has also launched. Last but not least — Google just announced a new technology called Google Gears that allows easy development of offline accessible sites and web apps. This plugin provides an API that developers can use to store (and access) fairly large caches of information on the client PC so that the site is accessible when the PC is offline. Scoble describes the client side data storing as "like a cookie on steroids that you can talk to via SQL" which begs question: does this mean we can have our ads and pop ups offline too?"

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