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Comment Re:Gotta Love It (Score 4, Insightful) 216

Come on versus how the French look down at me at my poor attempts while they visit MY country? I call bullshit.

While its fun/popular to make fun of the US and English speakers, few other language groups will praise someone for their broken sentences as they make their first attempts. Most people are pretty touchy when their tongue is mispronounced. Perhaps that is fair but I wouldn't say its English speakers looking down on others due to their language (perhaps other things but not language).

And no, most Americans do not have a second language. But why would they? Its not like a small European nation where you can travel or see people from other countries on a semi-often basis. There many parts of the US where you will go years without a foreign visitor. You could argue that people should travel to see the world but when you have a nation that is large and varied as a majority of Europe, what's the need? You have enough to do just to know your own country. Wait a few years and most Americans will at least be bilingual, the schools have really picked up the amount of Spanish taught.

OpenSSH Vulnerability Discovered 116

farker haiku writes "Those of you who haven't heard of the metasploit project, it's an open source product for performing security audits. This time they've managed to find a remote buffer overflow in OpenSSH. Ya'll might want to read the link and then do whatever updating is necessary." It's unfortunate that something like this gets released today since nobody will bother to patch.

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