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Comment Re:will never use it (Score 1) 800

>I'm inclined to call that step very, very non-obvious.

Agreed - it's not very obvious, and kind of awkward. The first time I wanted to do this, it took a little bit of head-scratching and thinking "what if I click this button?" before I figured it out - perhaps 30 extra seconds of reflection on my part.

Thankfully, iOS is evolving rather quickly, and if this was judged a useful feature, in a future release an "email PDF" button may be added to the "Add Bookmark/Add to Reading List/Add to Home Screen/Mail Link to this Page/Tweet/Print" options that are already available directly in mobile Safari...


Comment Re:will never use it (Score 1) 800

>I *DEFY* you to send a pdf from safari via e-mail.

In Safari with the PDF visible, tap on it once to make the "Open in iBooks" option appear, then tap on the "Open in iBooks" button in the upper right hand corner of the document. Once the iBooks app opens automatically, click on the "Email/Print" button (third button to the right at the top, with the little arrow coming out of a square), then click on the "Email" option in the pop-up menu. From there, the mail app will come up with the PDF in attachment/visible in the body of the mail. Type in the email address that you want to send to, then tap on "Send".

4 taps, an email address to type in, and then one more tap to send, all done in a few seconds. How hard is that?


Comment Re:burning off prints? (Score 1) 676

The answer is "capecitabine". To quote Gizmodo (who quoted ABC News):

A 62 year old man had this very problem recently when he tried to enter the US - he had no more fingerprints, a side-effect of taking the post-chemo drug mentioned above for two years...


Comment Correction: Only for NON-US citizens (Score 2, Interesting) 676

The summary description on ./ is wrong. If one does RFA all the way to the end, one will see the following:

Editors Note - This story originally contained a representation that the biometrics trial in Atlanta and Detroit included the fingerprint scanning of US citizens. This has since been proved to be incorrect and the story has been modified - only non-US citizens will be expected to provide a biometric record.

As a US citizen living in France, and often travelling through Detroit and Atlanta to get to/from Chicago, I'm relieved that I won't be delayed by this hassle. As a human being, I don't agree with the idea of requiring visiters to submit their fingerprints to the the US government - I feel it is infringing on one's human rights and/or privacy, and feel ashamed when I see fellow travellers submitting to this procedure upon entry into the US - but it's too early in the morning for me to formulate a clear and logical argument against the requirement...

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