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Comment Upgrade to FF3 (Score 2) 415

I tried FF4, but quickly upgraded to FF3.
I tried FF5, but quickly upgraded to FF3 again.

Since, imho, the user interface of FF3 is superior to its successors, I consider going back to version 3.6 an upgrade!
I've got no plans to try FF6+ at all, until I read some good reviews convincing me the UI will indeed be an improvement wrt FF3 instead of a worsening like FF4 and FF5.

Comment Rootkit gaffe (Score 1) 329

With the rootkit DRM gaffe, Sony proved they have no respect whatsoever for their customers.
I have never bought any Sony device since and I will never again either. No hardware, no CD, no DVD, nothing that comes from Sony will get into my house ever again.

Comment Google Groups' implementation (Score 1) 168

Some time ago I already noticed that Google Groups has implemented a bot detection based on behaviour.

However, often when I browse through a google group in an efficient way, google thinks I'm a bot and blocks me for quite a while. The only way around is to work inefficiently on purpose, by making my clicks as rondom as possible with as random as possible time intervals. This costs me at least five times as much time as it would cost me the efficient way.
This is very annoying, so I think it would be better for them to ditch the behaviour detection and just rely on properly designed captcha's.

Comment Will a possible black hole sink to earth's CoG ? (Score 2, Interesting) 1007

I was wondering....

Suppose, a tiny black whole is created. And suppose Hawking-radiation does not happen to exists (as far as i know, it has never been confirmed to exist yet), so the black hole will not evaporate itself into this radiation... how dangerous is such a black hole?

The energies that are used and produced are extreme to our senses, however I think they are still nothing compared to the forces and energies found in the galactical black holes.
So, how quick will it grow? Will it be possible to suck up the earth in a matter of minutes, or will it take millions of years?

In the latter case, I think it will just sink to the center of gravity of the earth. There it may first wobble about around the CoG, and (later) have some growing impact on the rotation of the earth as it gets bigger.
(Could it be possible we already have a tiny black hole down in the center, due to collisions from radition from outer space, which helps keeping the earth spinning?)

What do you think?

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