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Submission + - Finnish Ministry of Justice migrates to OpenOffice

An anonymous reader writes: In December 2006, the Finnish Ministry of Justice decided to migrate to the open source office suite. The ministry and its administrative sector will also adopt the OpenDocument ISO standard for the file format of office documents.

After the migration, will be the primary office suite for 8500 persons and Microsoft Office for 1500 persons. All Windows XP workstations of the ministry and its administrative sector are installed with version 2. Toimintajahallinto/Toiminnanjahallinnonarkisto/Toi mintajahallinto2007/1171362109118

Submission + - SmugMug embraces OpenID

onethumb writes: "I finally found some time to play with OpenID, and I'm happy to announce that hundreds of thousands of SmugMuggers are OpenID enabled. The spec is simple and elegant, and I really think it'll spread everywhere. I break down a little of what I did, what worked, and what didn't. Long live decentralized identity!"
The Internet

Telecom Refunds $8 Million for Bad Service 57

Gearu writes in with an article about a hefty refund coming to New Zealanders. It opens, "Telecom New Zealand has admitted it made an error with its Go Large broadband plan and is to credit customers of the service. An internal technical review of the service, launched in October, identified an issue with how internet traffic was being managed on the plan. The Go Large plan was promoted as having traffic management applied to certain applications, but since December the traffic management process had affected all forms of activity. With around 60,000 customers on the Go Large service, the refunds were expected to total $7.5 million to $8.5 million."

Software Deletes Files to Defend Against Piracy 544

teamhasnoi writes "Back in 2004, we discussed a program that deleted your home directory on entry of a pirated serial number. Now, a new developer is using the same method to protect his software, aptly named Display Eater. In the developers's own words, 'There exist several illegal cd-keys that you can use to unlock the demo program. If Display Eater detects that you are using these, it will erase something. I don't know if this is going to become Display Eater policy. If this level of piracy continues, development will stop.'"

A Bad Month for Firefox 195

marty writes "Februrary is not a good month for Mozilla developers. Infoworld reports about the efforts of Polish researcher Michael Zalewski, who apparently kept finding new vulnerabilities in the popular browser on a daily basis through the month, first postponing the update, and then finding a remotely exploitable flaw in it immediately after its release."

Submission + - XP on 8MHz Intel Pentium and 20MB RAM

swehack writes: "The germans over at managed to get their Windows XP Professional to run on an Intel Pentium clocked down to 8MHz and 20MB RAM. Here is the english version of their article, with plenty of pictures. On a related note they also won the golden hourglass for 'extreme waste of time'. What obscure hardware configurations have you managed to get Windows running on?"

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