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Comment Re:Explained by a Simple Formula (Score 1) 944

It's not the government that's the problem, but rather any large concentration of power. Once a company or a private individual has that, it can bribe the government to bust an union, or it can hire thugs of its own to do it. Either way, it's anyone having that kind of power that's the source of hte problem.

I think a diversionary reference to the Iron Law is appropriate here.


Comment Re:Social or Biological? (Score 1) 588

That's not true. Specifically, I know that there has been a big push to get more men involved in education. The motivation for this is that young boys (and even teenage boys) who are behaviorally disruptive in class respond very well to a male teacher. And that's a win for everyone. Unfortunately, teachers are not well-payed, so it's hard to get people into the field, period, let alone men.

Indeed I suspect there is some outward pressure (socialogically, biologically, what's in the balance?). But is also there also a greater liability for, at least in terms of the current progression of student vs teacher rights, harassment or sexual assault?


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