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Comment Re: Wrong! (Score 1) 374

Why do solar PV fans continue to think the you do anything to reduce peak power? In the summer - peak power extends well beyond sundown. Therefore, you have to build a "brown" usually natural gas - producing plant that sits and only produces power for a few hours to compensate when the PV panels stop producing electricity. Those guys should get fuel rates for excess power only and are being subsidized by everyone else. Solar thermal on the other hand - see Andasol - produces power through the peak - those guys actually reduce peak power demands on other plants and should be paid accordingly.

Comment Re:So which kind of solar is it? (Score 2) 191

Peak load goes for about 4 hours beyond sunset. Solar thermal can cover this peak load. With Solar PV - you have to build plants that are only used 4 hours per day. Cooking birds is a real problem for some forms of solar thermal plants but not the solar trough plants. If your only goal is to prevent CO2 release and cost of electricity does not matter - then Solar PV is the way to go. If your goal is to minimize total daily electric cost while decreasing CO2 - Solar thermal is probably a better option.

Comment Data does not suggest this at all (Score 2) 328

In 2012, week before Christmas - full size tablets and small tablets were 33% of the market. iPad for the quarter was 22.9 million units. In 2013, week before Christmas - full size tablets and small tablets were 29% of the market (decline 14%). iPad for the quarter was 26 million units (growth of 14%). Of course IDC - and their made up numbers had Apple market share down from 38.2% to 33.8%. This year - 2014 - flurry has the market shrinking to 22%. Apple numbers will be out soon and my be down but collapse - complete BS. Junk tablets may be collapsing but IDC makes those numbers up so who really knows.

Comment Re:Move to Android (Score 1) 141

Stuffing the channel? I don't hear stories about huge write downs. If anything Nokia was supply constrained most of the year on most models.

The number sold isn't that small. That's the point, the number sold is larger than BlackBerry at its height.

They are making progress - but 8.8 million windows phone sales is not "larger than Blackberry at its height". Blackberry's top was . Revenue wise - ASP is falling for lumia and is well below what Blackberry was dosing. Lumia is making headway against the low end android market.

Comment Apple is not more expensive now. (Score 1) 390

The only data source I can see for how long people keep their phones in use is flickr. If you look at the various vendors ( you will see a drop off in high end phones beginning as early as 12 months for some models, 18 months for others. iPhones maintain their use on flicker much longer. The drop off is the iphone 4 was very gradual during the last year.

I do not think one can compare different manufacturers use rate since OS and geography has an impact, but you probably can compare Galaxy S4 to S3 to S2. Notice that the S4 is selling very poorly compared to the S3 at this time.

I think the total cost of ownership of an iPhone is much less than a high end Android phone due to its longevity and OS upgrade policy.

Comment It should be about "positive job growth" (Score 1) 435

Amazon, Sam's, Walmart, Home Depot - etc. all cost less because they either - make a smaller profit margin, pay less for what they sell, or pay less to run their business or some combination of the above. All of these mega-stores have put lots of smaller stores out of business and the result is a net job loss in the retail industry. Folks are paying less money for stuff so it may be a net gain overall but to think these are great jobs - as Obama does - is not very smart.

Contrast that with the Keystone Pipeline - high level blue-collar jobs with further job creation in the refineries. If we do not build the pipeline here, the Canadians are likely to build one to the ocean and export the stuff to be refined somewhere else and the result will be the loss of well paying jobs. When we choose to not develop ANWR and states elect to not drill for oil and gas - then we are shipping these jobs overseas.

Comment Re:The Insanity of "Obviousness" (Score 1) 121

Yes you are missing something. A proximity sensor itself is not obvious but was already covered by another Motorola patent ( The extension from the prior patent to the new patent is what is obvious. Motorola could sue based upon the prior patent if they had not let it expire.

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