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Journal Journal: Musings on Linux. People Are Lazy. 3

I read Slashdot quite a lot, and after 13 years of using Linux there has really never been an issue that can't be fixed or worked around with a little work. Reading the comments here and there, there and there about Linux I keep seeing posts from folks that seem to think Linux doesn't work. It works too well really. The real issue is that people are lazy and don't want to do work involved in setting up a system that works well. The main rub to me is neither OSX or WIndows works any better, and in fact Windows is still a steaming pile of junk suitable only for idiots. At least with Linux there isn't a compelling need to purchase anti-virus software, although you can install one if you'd like. I'm just not that paranoid. A lot folks try to install Linux on a machine that has DRM chips or other nasty stuff and then they try to blame the GNU side saying we all suck, the software sucks, and we're all a bunch of zealots that can't see how inferior our software is.Just getting tired of seeing of those posts, because in all honesty it's hard to argue with a concept that delivers high quality, secure, and free (as in freedom), Operating systems whereby really all one has to do is a bit of work to get going full speed should any issues arise. I had one of those machines one time and it was a pain at times, however with the help of our friend Google, was able to work around the issue and get it stable. I guess it's just disturbing when people expect ZOMG awesome stuff for free and then also expect to not have to do any work... That's not the bargain. That's not the deal, and it never has been. I kind of hope it never becomes the deal either, because Linux is fun just like it is. :)

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