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Comment Re:This may be slightly off-topic, but (Score 1) 91

You have to be aware that any result a regular computer computes is also correct only within a certain probability. Once the quantum computers success probability is higher than the probability of flipping a bit inside a regular CPU, you are done. You are not only as good as it probably gets, you are as good as regular computers.

If you don't trust the Quantum computer then, you have to stop using any computer.

Comment too short. (Score 5, Insightful) 110

I highly like this competitions idea, but I won't participate, because the deadline is far, far too soon.

I mean, I am supposed to understand their framework and implement, test and tweak an artificial intelligence for a pretty complicated task like this in a month (let alone, 2 weeks), with my rusty java, rusty AI-knowledge (I'd try emergent behaviour, probably)? Sorry, but this is just plain impossible, since there is enough work to do from the university and other hobby projects. Give me until, like. Christmas and I'd try.

Plus, the time shortens even further, as it appears that there are documentation issues, so one would probably have to work out how the game state is given to the AI.

So overall: very interesting, but too short for someone who actually has other work to do

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