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Comment Sorry, all the degree signs ... (Score 1) 162

... of my post were dumped ... This is a plot from the famous US stonecutters ;-) And this is maybe what has happened to the original article ... dooh. Why on earth are we stuck with non unicode friendly /. in 2017 ?!? Not even a Latin-1 friendly ?

Quick Test :
euro sign : €
c with cedil : ç
degree sign :
a upper cased with circumflex : Â
n with tilda : ñ

According to test ... degre sign will be trashed even during preview ... odd, I thought /. was UTF-8 now.

Comment Can someone add a degree sign before C and F ? Plz (Score 1) 162

Without degree sign aka (which does exist even in Windows-1252, ISO-8859-1 & friends btw), 60C means : sixty Coulomb (a unit of electric charge) and 108F means seventy Farad (an electric capacitance unit you might know if you are in DIY those days) !

Degree sign must be used before C and F to indicate degree Celcius and degree Farenheit.

Kelvin (the unit scientific uses for temperature) does not need a degree sign to be used because it is not relative but absolute.Hence, we would write 333.15K (which is the same as 60C/108F), and it would be fine.

US citizens will take note that Kelvin is using the upper K, where as the prefix multiplier kilo (thousand) is a lower case k like in 3.3k, 3.3kg, 1200km, 250km/h ... and by the way, can you people stop to translate 75mph as 120kph ... "p" means "pico" which is a prefix in the SI unit world, that's why we simply write 120km/h.

Comment 13 feet and 1.5 ton ? (Score 2) 42


The poster put 1.5 ton (where "ton" aka 1000kg, or 1Mg if you wanna be a core SI nerd ) from the original article but dumped the 4m heigth to replace it with 13 feet.


C'm'on, if you realy want to use units that myanmar, liberia and US only still use as legal : do it. But please do not mix them without clarifying which unit you are refering to.

As a reminder "ton" is a coloquial term for lots of things :
- 1,016 kg if in UK and using old mesurements
- 907kg if in US (and to some extend as a legacy in Canada to)
- 1000 kg in the SI for the rest of our universe (until proven wrong)

As the article was using SI units as main unit system only adding some imperial units as explanation for US citizen joes, I was expecting : either a direct quotation with SI units as main and Imperial as explanation (=KISS) or even Imperial as main (long live to the stonecutters, and yes we are on /. dude, I know) and SI as a clarification for the rest of us.

Comment 10% of what ? (Score 2) 442

10% of British banks maybe ...

All the European banks (BNPP, DB, SG, DB, ING ...) moved to London City based trading HQ during the 90s for tax reason because they could also free trade to EU from there.

Now they anticipate that within a 3 year, this "opportunity" will be gone. They've already prepared plans to withdraw from the city. You know that banks don't like incertainties, do you.

So earlier those bank moved their activities from Amsterdam, Brussel, Frankfurt or Paris to the City ... but thanks to brexit now they are on the go for a rellocation to some EU stable area.

As UK is moving to be a tax heaven, I anticipate that within a 5 year, UK will be on EU grey list that will only help to perform shadow banking activities but from which will not help to perform the core banking duties : thus, little money for UK's treasury & more money for the EU countries.

By the way, the rellocation of the EU financial&economic institutions in UK will be the first to kiss good buy. EBA will be the very first ...

I personally don't care of "project fear" or "rule britania". What I see is a stupid decision from an economic point of view for UK citizen, but a great decision for EU politics & economy on a middle term basis. Simply speaking, there has always been a gap between the continent and UK (think Yougoslavia, Irak War or even Syria ...). UK has prevented the creation of a EU international policy and of a unified intervention army to cool down hot spot that endanger our liberty. Now UK will have to solve their puzzle on their own : Beeing a US puppet, Divorce with Scotland, Tax haven or not, Royal Familly & al.

By the way, I do hope that in France the next president will tear appart the Touquet traitee and ask the UK gov to perform their duty. You want imigrants ? Go and handle them. I don't see why FR should take responsability of cleaning a neighbour's drain.

As a global consequence, I also anticipate that the idea of EU Federation will be put on the table and that there might be room for citizen acceptance after the current period of nationalism backdraft is gone.

From a bad thing always come good things.

Comment MPH again ? And the winner is .... (Score 3, Insightful) 56

MPH ? Why not Avoidupois system insteand ? Or maybe ancient egyptian mesurement system.

Are we on /. or what ? Stuff that matters, such as using a practical unit system.

Ey, by the way, did you know that only 3 countries in the whole world have not moved yet officially to the universal metric system : Myanmar, Liberia and ..... the USA !

Years back, it was a pun intended but nowadays, it's starting to make phooey sense ;-)

Meahwhile, in the rest of the planet earth, people mostly use km/h to rank a car speed ...

Comment Right : let's vote ! (Score 2, Informative) 272

I will be very interrested in seeing the trial suites that will be launched if one internet access is cut.

Plus here in France, most of us have multiaccess boxes (DSL bring : internet + TV + phone). Cutting internet means that it would but TV + phone. I don't think this is legal (no consequence). Plus, most ISP provides free wifi access to other customer "boxes". Will they cut also this ? because, if not you will still be able to download ... again, will they cut also the 3G network you can have on your phone as well ...

Again, this is a stupid law brought by politicians that does not even daily use a computer and that are all lawyer :( Even Sarkozy himself is a lawyer my friend :( They are only doing this to "improve" their incomes.

But the interresting point about a law, is that the next parliament can remove/break/anihilate it easilly ... so if French citizen are not happy, they just have to vote correctly the next time ;-)

Never forget & vote accordingly !

Comment What you can anticipate ... (Score 1) 152

Right, WPS-PBC like operations to perform the link sync and zeoconf at IP level :)

See for details.

The interresting part of the spec is a "group mode" which -if true- is completely different from the AdHoc mode !

If no group is there, then this is cool bu only an improved AdHoc mode and I would so understand why it is supposed to be applicable by software. wpa-supplicant anybody ;-)


Comment FYI, about Kelvin (Score 1) 341

Right, Kelvin is the unit. Kelvin is historically nothing but celcius with only positive numbers. IE, 0K is an absolute zero temperature nothing is colder than that.

Looking at translation formulae make it clear :

degree C = K - 273,15
degree F = K Ã-- 1,8 â' 459,67.

The original scientist post states it "a temperature of about 2600 degrees Kelvin (4220 degrees Fahrenheit)." Noting that corot satelite was "launched by the French and European space agencies" we would have expected as in the original blog : source unit (SI country and continent) and then "translated unit" (here the imperial unit Farenheit).

The source unit is the rela value. The translated unit is here to help non native users to understand the value.

Can slashdoters try to use SI units when they make a post putting next to the number the american value (as we are on a US based server) ?

I think this make sense : helps people to feel comfortable with SI and keep people reference with old system.

By the way, citing wikipedia "Only three countries (Burma (Myanmar), Liberia, and the United States) have yet to adopt the International System of Units" ... well Burma and Liberia ... with USA ? Ey guys are you sleeping or what ;-)

Bythe way bis, Slashdot it is realy time to use unicode UTF-8 compatible !!!!! I can not even post the degree sign :(

Comment Workaround : bring patch+script instead of ROM (Score 1) 336

I suggest to Cyanogen that he releases a "patch" and a script instead of a ROM. Doing so, it would people people resposability to get their own rom and "patch" them using the given script to produce a patched ROM :)

My question on Android is : how can google not release it under GPL as they are using a linux kernel ?

Another point I see, is where are the specifications of Android ? Open ... but without public spec is a bit strange. As google says, no Android is not a Java compatible platform at this time. If you don't have any standard to stick with. How are you sure your current application will work in a comming new version ?

Google realy needs to clarify its position about Android licence, strategy and relation with Java or it will damage the product aura.

Comment Re:Shame : Article is FUD from MS-zealots :( (Score 1) 327

 Mono has always been very up front about the incompatibilities that exist. Â

Having good will to follow a road runner does not mean are acutally catching it.

In other words, there are no proof that it is fully compatible.

IE, you can spend your hobby time on it but you'd better never bet a whole businessplan :(

This comment also applies to any other reimplementation without all the specs (think to Wine for instance).

As said on the original comment, it is MS choice not to have full open the platform but a core and not have brought a TCK. This is maybe their best strategical choice to prevent Windows to suffer from Mono ;)

Comment Excuse me too ... (Score 1) 327

You said  C# and .NET which allows any language to compile to the CLI assembly are arguably even more powerful than Java right now Â

Wrong, "any" language can not compile to CLI. Any .net language flavor can. There is a huge difference, when you code VB on .net, this is no more VB but an ersatz of C# : same structure, same paradigms, same API. Same for ... this is not Cobol my friend ! By the way when working on .net everybody ends up doing C#. Like everybody does it on Windows thru the .net and not Mono ... and people ends up doing MS SQL Server sometimes ;)

About C# beeing "more powerfull", this remember a "I got a bigger one than yours" story so I am not even discussing the question. The question is not the size or power, but how clean it is and what you do with it. At the end of the day, most people think theirs are the more powerfull ;-)

About lang, there half a dozen of language that could blast C# and Java in each of their alleged "power" domains. But none are used and none have reached the masses.

If C# was not made by MS, it would have already died, because the clone is too close from the original to survive.

But fortunatly for you MS is still spending some cash and giving some to Novell to try to make people dream of an hypothethical .net outside an MS OS.

Guys, wake up : this will never happen for obious strategical reasons. Do you think that MS will kill windows biggest platform advantage for nothing ? C'm'on, MS does cool things but this whole .net story is realy a self-trap for MS : they did not managed to lock Java (remember the JDirect/RNI/WFC) and could not let it go alone or it could have swallow all their developers (do you liked MFC ?)... so they decided to go the dolly way : go & clone that thing :)

Now they are in a no-no situation : no, we can not make it really cross platform and no we can not get rid of it. Funny situation isn't it ?

I would really like to know how this would end : portability and windows killed or .net killed by MS to prevent harm to Windows... who knows ;)

Comment Shame : Article is FUD from MS-zealots :( (Score 0) 327


#1 No it is not managed code, nothing like IL and will never be so ! Simply because it is forbidden by Apple license. This is the same rule that prevent Java VM or that should prevent full Flash from beeing granted. The reason ? If a VM (JVM or CLR) is pushed to the iPhone the code control will escape from Apple validation ;-) Be sure this will never happen. So this is FUD.

#2 Nothing you can not do already using Java using ahead of time compilation or C++ or any cross compilable language. Nothing new, so this is FUD.

#3 Article is misleading as Mono is not Microsoft .net compatible. Anybody seen a test compatibility suite at Microsoft to ensure compatibility ? No way ... this thing is best effort "should work" code. Not mono fault ... a MS choice my darling. Again and again FUD.

Is it me or two much of Android phone launched has made MS-fan crowd wake up & start again the FUD machine over /. ?

Guys, if you need to make iPhone apps, you got to build it using ObjectiveC. If you want to code using more recent languages, you can go to other mobile platform such as Blackberry and Android...;

Comment " I say Freedom " (Score 4, Insightful) 330

Citizens of the world, dark forces are at work in most of our democracies. They plans to get control of a power tool & medium: the internet. Their aim at restoring the "control on information and the oligopolies" of the previous millennium and extending it further any known limits.

Most of them claim, it is to restore "good old values". But the real reason behind all those bigotries is the money my friend!
The fight for freedom as started.

But, the force of the cipher is among us ;-)
Are you ready ?

Comment Iphone 3GS : Yes and No ! (Score 0, Troll) 770

OS 3.0 features : no surprise as per the beta, ie = where are the Java support ? the Flash support ? Tethering is fine but is not allowed yet on major operator :(

3GS features : where are the SD port ? the front camera for 3G visual call ? the standard plug port like miniUSB or microUSB ?

This is still a brillant product, but with new Android phones coming soon (next week ?), I am not sure it will keep contenders far away from the apple's tree.

The brilliant idea of the keynote : zipcar, just a cool way to rent a car, like the one we have in europe to borrow a public bike (velib, velov ). But we don't have remote horn on our iphone app :)

Let's wait for iPhone 4.

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