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Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 2) 94

Right. A bunch of the software in OS X, and a bunch of the libraries that software on it uses are made by the Linux/Unix crowd. You enjoy Angry Birds though, i'm sure that will be practical experience for a job at some point.

Comment Re:Why Apple is good (Score 1) 715

I would mirror your sentiments on both the damage ratio between home and professional uses, and also on businesses not buying as much new hardware. Our company used to run a 3 year cycle on computer replacement, but now we only replace when it can't be fixed. Also, I worked at BestBuy about 4 years ago, and when you had business customers at all, it was usually a software issue. With people in general, it was often physical damage.

Comment Re:U.S. (Score 1) 451

it is not the place of the US to incite rebellion in Iran

Oh the horrors! Someone put up a website! Now all the Iranians will have to login and read all of it. You know, people wouldn't rebel unless they agree. If they really are content with their lifes, they would see the site, possibly read it, say "I don't agree", and log off.

Comment Re:umm... (Score 1) 473

There isn't a single Apple product that could be considered "seamless", there isn't any large piece of software worthy of that title. I've had app crashes on my iPad and on my Nexus One (and on every computer I have ever used for a decent amount of time). Apple's hardware isn't years ahead of anyone either. Their computers use largely the same hardware everyone else is using. They make good products, if the features are what you are after, but thats all.

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