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Comment Re:The most surprising turn of events (Score 1) 460

... since the unexpected end of the century in '99.

(What is actually surprising is that the internet still hasn't widely adopted IP6, and ISPs are now turning to ludicrous measures - NAT - to keep avoiding what makes sense.)

Wow, that was unexpected that the century ended a full year earlier than it was supposed to.

Comment Re:Science Journalism (Score 1) 570

Not necessarily. I am a religious fundamentalist, and science is all well and good in my book, to a point. And by to a point, I mean "this is what we've been able to prove thus far".

Really though, not trying to troll. Just saying those two groups are not necessarily mutually inclusive, though sometimes that is the case.

Wow, just wow. You say that science is all well and good, as long as it is within the realms of "this is what we've been able to prove thus far." Whereas I can understand the logic behind that reasoning, it runs completely contradictory to you being a religious fundamentalist. You're willing to blindly believe in the stories from some old tribal book, but you only believe in science if it is concretely proven?

Hypocrite much?

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 410

Don't confuse results with aims. Also, never understimate incompetance. Although the administration of GWB truly reached new heights of incompetance....

The *aim* was to establish US supremacy in the region. WMD, democracy etc was a fig leaf. The *result* was to diminish US stature worldwide, reduce US influence in the region and increase Iranian influence in the region.

Comment Re:Troubling (Score 1) 404

We don't have an "empire"...

Don't be ridiculous. The US has military bases in most of the civilised world and a lot of the less civilised world. The US feels free to intervene (using military and other means) throughout central and south America whenever they don't like the results of an election.

The US is probably the only power in the world that you could say has an empire.

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