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Comment Re:Could you please post your scores + H/W Specs? (Score 1) 163

OS: Hacktint0sh 10.6.5
Specs: Intel E5520 2.26ghz, 32GB DDR3-1333 ECC/REG, GTX275

Chrome 9.0.597.19 beta:
Score: 13198/50000 rwb points

I never really use another browser besides Chrome anymore but for the sake of this benchmark I launched up some others. They might not be fully updated etc... Too bad ;)

Firefox 3.5.2:
Score: 4286/50000 rwb points

Safari 5.0.2 (6533.18.5):
Score: 10770/50000 rwb points

And yeah I have a Win7 running dual-boot but not in the mood to reboot to test. Same goes for testing it under Ubuntu and what not ;)

PS: would be nice if you collected all the data from the comments and release some nice graphs on your site.

Comment Re:You didn't even have to purchase it that early (Score 1) 264

Yeah and it's a total shame that support has been dropped. I'm not sure if it's technically possible (maybe someone here can enlighten me) but it would've been cool if it could use both FireWire and USB. My iPad at the moment when it wants to do a backup (stupid article readers don't understand you should mark downloaded articles as a file instead of modifying the application) it takes a very-very-very long time. Would've loved to see it with FireWire 800.

Comment Re:Why really does Apple behave this way? (Score 2, Insightful) 432

You seem to be missing something, which is the large number of people who were already working on tablet computers before Apple even announced the iPad. Several manufacturers released devices in a similar factor before the iPad was released (e.g. Asus's T91). Microsoft have been working with numerous manufacturers on similar devices since the late 90s. It's hardly a new idea.

Great there were TV's before Philips made them watchable. The point is not WHO STARTED it, it's WHO MADE IT USABLE. I've owned 4 different brands of MP3 players (not counting the MP3 portable CD player that had to be imported directly from the factory) which all pissed me the fuck off EVERY time I had to either: look for a song, change the volume or do something else which is BASIC shit. Then I bought an iPod and back then I was very wary of Apple. But hey, everyone loved it so... gotta have a reason right? Well guess what, it fuckin worked and kept working after I sold it to someone (current status unknown, it got stolen) so I could buy the latest-gen (more space! hooray!).

Same goes with OSX, you can bitch and moan all you want but the fact simply is: I replaced the Ubuntu (and before Windows) machine with an iMac at my mother's and now suddenly she's sending me emails with links of friggin websites she made with photos on it that she edited herself! How much I explained? Well NOTHING. Before every week something came up that either didn't work as expected or... she couldn't figure out how to do something....

The iPhone made my life so much fuckin better, sure it has it flaws but do they weigh more then the pro's? Hell no. It's the first fuckin (smart)phone ever I had that didn't require me going through 5 fuckin menu's to set an alarm clock. I've owned S60 and WM in the past and holy shit what a retarted messed up fuckin things can some developers come up with. No I don't first want to go to "Menu" -> "Extra" -> "Clock" -> "Alarms" -> "Set alarms" -> "Activate alarm". Hello?! It's a fuckin alarm clock, the goddamn thing on my nightstand HAS ONE SWITCH! Email on the S60 was horrible, even more so on WM.

I jumped the iPhone bandwagon when the 3GS was released since it was a moment I could afford one. One year later... well how many times has it pissed me off? Quite a lot. But considering that's maybe once every month/two months as opposed to every frigging time I want to do something on EVERY OTHER PHONE I EVER OWNED?! Amazing.
Ok so, Apple took a phone and made it an iPhone. zomgwtfhax it can't be good and everyone claims they invented touchscreen and phones and crap! No, they just made it usable.

Cue the iPad: same fuckin story. Tablets were out there but have you actually ever USED one?! Virtual keyboard popped out, time to bust out the pen and start tapping... handwriting recognition: orly? So basically you had a retarded laptop cause the CPU's were always shit in the tablets (no idea why) fun tho show to people but usability: zero. Sure some people liked it but some people also think Britney Spears was actually a good singer.
Everyone makes the jokes of the iPad just being a larger version of the iPhone: guess what? it is! BRILLIANT! All iPhone users have immediate recognition to the device and just start working on it right away. Great thing is though, since the iPhone was something you could give to a total idiot and he was able to figure out how to use it: SAME GOES FOR THE IPAD!
OSX on a tablet? Sure sounds sweet, usable? I think not. This is the perfect middleground for me between the smartphone and laptop. I bring my Macbook when I go on business trips cause somethings I have to get crackin and do some typing. But chillin in the lounge and want to read the latest news? iPad.

[/rant] Sorry I just can't take fuckin nerd-zealots who claim that just because a device with the same "general concept" existed before so the newer one can't add anything to the concept. Well throw away your fuckin CD's, DVD's, BluRays etc. Let's all start rockin the crap we had in the 1890's cause the concept is the same right? Just because a company made a successful product that is making technology accessible to the general public which well might eventually put you out of a job as a support guy... tough fuckin luck

PS: jesus fuckin chris slashdot, I decide to login you throw me back at the frontpage and voila I have to hunt and peck to find back who I wanted to reply to.

PlayStation (Games)

Tekken 6, Soul Calibur Coming To the PSP 32

Two recent announcements lend support Sony's promise to bring a stronger game lineup to its PSP console this year. Tekken 6, which was already known to be in development for the 360 and PS3, has now been confirmed for the PSP as well. "... the portable version of the game is set to release alongside the other console iterations and will pack additional stages, content, items, and an ad-hoc multiplayer mode using 'original' and 'fan favorite characters.'" We've also found out that Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny is being specifically designed for the PSP, and will include "arcade, versus, and survival modes, as well as a character creation mode." In addition, 1Up reports on the latest rumors surrounding a redesigned PSP (possibly called the "Go!"), which they say will be unveiled later this year at E3.

Comment Re:TI-85 (Score 0) 776

I'm not quite sure if this is what your looking for but the OSX Calculator has a feature called "Paper Tape" Window -> Show Paper Tape (or Cmd+T) Which will show everything you told him to calulate, allow me to demonstrate: (3 + 4) = 7 7 * (6 + 2) = 56 56 * (3 + 5) = 448 you would have to hit the = inbetween calulations but... in the end it does show everything you did :)

Comment Re:End Copyright (Score 0) 664

There is a point to copyright law, and there is a point to drug prohibition laws. Neither of these do more harm than good. If you had content (a song for example) that was a method for you to put food on the table, you would be thinking differently about copyright laws.

Copyright in well... all cases is more trouble then worth it. An artist should just get off it's lazy ass and tour the world, make money of it's live shows and not give a shit about cd's... oh but wait, the record label doesn't make any money then... well NOT SO MUCH THEN. So! The artist is NOT the one being screwed over, but the record label... now I don't give a rats ass about those guys. If I hear an album that I like, I go out and buy it. If I buy an album that isn't properly been pirated online yet, I rip it and upload it. Others that like it, will probably buy it too, if they don't they weren't planning on it anyway. So the whole "10 downloads is 10 lost sales" is a complete and utter bullshit argument by some record label dickhead.

Similarly, if you had really been affected by drug abuse whether personally or by those close to you, you wouldn't be spouting such jibberish about ending it.

Define drug abuse. Cause I know a shitload of people who are all either using drugs or have been in the past, some got fucked up on it and NOBODY of them says: it should be illegal cause it fucks you up. No, people need to think for themselves, besides now drugs is illegal the only distribution chain is through 'criminals' which well leads to all kinds of other shit. Oh and yeah, I used to live in Amsterdam where well, most drugs' are considered to be OK and guess what?! Drugs are not a real fuckin issue there!

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