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Comment Time Crime (Score 1) 109

From the article:
"Last year, nine original Warhol prints worth an estimated $350,000 from the late artist's "Endangered Species" series were quietly stolen from a Los Angeles movie business and replaced with color copies, in an art heist that went undetected for years."

So, we're looking for someone either in a phone booth or a 1980s sports car if we want that cool $25k?

Comment "My logic was not in error... but I was." (Score 1) 169

One of the counterexamples given here, in which the organism anticipates a future shortage, is not a situation in which transitivity is violated. In this case the organism is acting on a lack of knowledge of the future and playing it safe. This is not a failure of the logic of transitivity, but a great accomplishment of life: the ability to accept that one doesn't have all of the information and to manage regardless. The authors are essentially doing the same thing by suggesting that our preconceptions of logical behavior don't cover all situations!

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