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Comment Re:I've said this over and over again (Score 1) 688

> if given free choice people want better products for a better price. We did buy American. It was overpriced, foreign sourced, "stickered" or assembled in US. Guess who pocketed the difference. Labels that say "made in usa" are about as honest as "natural" or "organic" labels on produce.

Comment Re:Jai Hind! (Score 1) 255

How about assuring that the drug doesn't doesn't actually kill you?

That's a hard problem that's really unique per individual.

Consider all the variables in the environment, genetics and drug to drug interaction, ensuring that drug X wont' kill you, the options get really complex. Patient A, anorexic heroin user vs Patient B overweight smoker on hypertension drugs.

I would settle for assurances on classes, 99% of class a won't die but 20% of class b will.

Think of the different formulations of birth control pills. Some people get emotional some dont'. Some have debilating cramps some don't

Comment Re:Anyone remember Judgement at Nuremberg? (Score 2) 206

radical islam is a threat that must be exterminated

Wrong choice of words.

Radical anything needs to be controlled and sidelined. Not exterminated. In many nations immigrants don't melt into the culture anymore, they're insular. The populus needs education. The "right to free speech" isn't to criticize your fellow man but to critiized and call out abuses w/in the governement. To say that the minority can't abuse everyone else; no beating your SO. Do want you want in the privacy of your home. but you can't dictate or pass laws what I do in public.

The good of all society must be a consideration and not what you think it should be.

Comment Re:Now the "alternative" is becoming the culprit (Score 1) 194

like the Android - running ROM

Flashbacks to the original Mac, system in ROM and any new patches being pulled in from disk on boot.

non Von Neuman arch

it has been done before and at some point "data" needs to be executable.
there are bits to protect the exec spaces but any zero day can be used to subvert.

Submission + - SPAM: Damn Interesting Movies But Banned

worldleaks writes: Most probably some of the people like this kind of banned movies. These kind of movies are really horrible. If you're such type of person, its better to avoid this sort of movies. See here to know, What are those horrible movies...
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Submission + - RIP: The fallen heroes of virtual reality (

Ben Sillis writes: The new Oculus Rift 'Crystal Cove' prototype headset stole the show at CES in Las Vegas last week, but as a new feature points out, history is littered with a long line of not quite releases and failed virtual reality headsets, from Nintendo and Sega's first attempts during the Famicom/Master System era to the Jaguar VR and even previous PC powered systems like the CyberMaxx and VFX-1, which pioneered what Oculus is trying to do today — just 20 years ago. Have times and tech changed enough this time round to ensure the Rift's success?

Submission + - Apple Media Streaming Service Through iOS7 Hits A Serious Snag (

CatholicChemist writes: A severely limiting issue with iOS media streaming has emerged. For many users streaming iTunes content using iOS7, the streaming media (video, audio, etc.) is cached on the device, but the cached files are not cleared by any mechanism of the OS. This leads to a loss of storage space on the device due to hidden cached files which cannot be removed without either restoring the device or resorting to third-party software, such as iBrowse. For many users, this severely limits the functionality of their devices, as the minimal storage capabilities of most iOS devices limits the number of media files that can be stored on the internal hard drive of the device. Hopefully, a future iOS7 update will provide the necessary patch, but in the updates since its release, the issue has not been addressed by Apple.
The Almighty Buck

95% of ATMs Worldwide Are Still Using Windows XP 346

BUL2294 writes "95% of the world's ATM machines are still running Windows XP and banks are already purchasing extended support agreements from Microsoft. (some of the affected ATMs are running XP Embedded, which has a support lifecycle until January, 2016). 'Microsoft is selling custom tech support agreements that extend the life of Windows XP, although the cost can soar quickly—multiplying by a factor of five in the second year, says Korala. JPMorgan is buying a one-year extension and will start converting its machines to Windows 7 in July; about 3,000 of its 19,000 ATMs need enhancements before the process can begin...'"

Comment Re:Main effect: The good ones will leave (Score 1) 177

Quick profits then dump the stock, move on to the next victim

No, that's what Wall St. wants. Real investers or most long-term ones like a consistent return rate / divendends.

I'd rather get %5 year over year than 238% one year and -1200% the next. Hell, I'll bet that most of the common retirement portfolios haven't recovered from the Great Recession, because sure as hell the job market hasn't.

Comment Re:Security through outsourcing? {sigh} (Score 1) 478

I guess "best case" here is that they're trying to get a bunch of people to quit, so they can get fresh locals in for less pay, screwing the existing staff in the process.

That's my guess also. The 1%s at the top want their cake and the past few years, NU fell down pretty hard between the double storms and got spanked for it.

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