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Submission + - 7th Circuit Judge refers to .co as a "copyright troll" in decision (

terraformer writes: "Today a 7th Circuit Judge referred to a company as a "copyright troll" in Brownmark Films v. Comedy, 2012 U.S. App. LEXIS 11454. (URL see page 8 of the decision). Confirmed by a Lexis search, this is the first time ever for reference of this term in judicial finding in federal courts. The significance of this is that no matter how staid and concerned with tradition the justice system is in this country, popular references will eventually leak into it. The term copyright troll imparts a meaning not easily duplicated and goes to show how important it is to frame the debate.

FYI: The term Patent troll shows up about a dozen or so times but it appears in most cases as a term of art introduced by one side or the other. Here it appears the judge introduced it on his own."


Submission + - portable communicator for stroke victim

terraformer writes: "All trekkie jokes aside, my father-in-law had an embolic-stroke over the weekend and can no longer talk beyond simple one word answers to questions, or has use of the right arm. He is alert and has full cognitive function otherwise. The problem and this is common in most stroke victims, is he is now a prisoner in his own mind. He is getting frustrated and this conservative ex-marine is starting to swear like a drunken sailor, when he used to never swear ever so we know he is frustrated. I am trying to find a portable communicator of sorts where he can try to type. He has use of his left hand but is not strong so this falls in-between a "my left foot" sort of situation and an individual with only one arm. I thought about a cheap laptop with an open text editor but all you need is a window focus to change and he would be stuck. Since time is of the essence here, does any one know of any solution ready-made (not the therapy software which is not what the purpose of this would be) or simple enough to be somewhat reliable (close the lid, goes off, open the lid, goes on with no fuss) that won't break the bank? I was think a OLPC (the recharge handle would be great for those around him to charge it) with an open text editor but apparently they won't be out for a while. Are these new netbooks reliable enough on lid closure transitions (or no lid at all) to work without confusing a novice user?"

Submission + - Google in the anti-malware biz, google style

terraformer writes: "It appears that google is getting into the anti-malware game by warning users clicking through their search results to sites hosting known malware. This search yielded this warning when clicking on the first entry. Note that it presents an unlinked text url to dissuade the less technologically savvy from blindly ignoring the warning. Incidentally, this entry actually yielded the lyrics I was looking for (used a mac to go there)."

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