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Submission + - Seiki 39" 4K Display SE39UY04 Review (

terracode writes: This is a review of the newly released Seiki 39" Ultra-HD / 4K television. The review looks at the features, use as a computer monitor as well as a TV. The display is excellent as a 39" computer monitor even though max Vsync is 30Hz at 4K resolution. Games such as iRacing look very good with good visual quality and 4K videos look very impressive. The display is excellent for productivity apps.


Comment Re:WTF: Why not compare the nook Tablet? (Score 1) 103

This is fine, but it says that the nook Color is the Kindle Fire's closest competitor. The nook Tablet is now, and it has a helluva lot more horsepower than the Kindle Fire. (And a better looking body...) So it makes me wonder what kind of kool-aid this reviewer is drinking. Particularly since the nook is by far the most hack friendly device mass produced in years!

The original review was a prelim spec review prior to the Kindle Fire being released or Nook Color2 (Tablet) announced. The article was updated to being a review of the Kindle Fire, Specs and Tweaking after receipt of the unit. I updated the comparison spec chart to the Nook Tablet today after realizing I had forgotten to update it to the new Nook. This review is not a review of the Nook, but is intended to be a review of the Kindle Fire. I feel the Nook is also a great device with alot going for it just as I feel the Kindle Fire is a great device.

Comment Re:Nook Color (Score 1) 103

Yes, this review should have compared against the Nook Tablet.

Nook Tablet is also an A9 dual core 1GHz, it has twice the ram at 1GB than the Fire and twice the on-board storage at 16GB. They're both the OMAP4430 with the same graphics chip. If you're just looking at hardware, it appears the Nook Tablet wins:

(Same rows as the table in TFA. /. junk char filter wouldn't let me post the row header)

Nook Tablet TI OMAP4430 ARM Cortex A9 (1 GHz dual core) POWERVR SGX540 graphics 1 GB Ram 16 GB on-board storage 1024x600 screen res


Thank you! Review spec comparo chart has been updated to compare to Nook Color 2 and not original Nook Color.

Submission + - Alcatel MiFi 2372 GSM Wireless Router Review (

terracode writes: Alcatel's MiFi 2372 is a new a new addition to their MiFi family of products which allows sharing of wireless broadband internet via WiFi with up to 5 devices. Previously there was MiFi 2200 for Sprint and Verizon (CDMA), the MiFi 2352 GSM variant for Europe and new Mifi 2372 which adds the GSM 3G frequencies for AT&T and Rogers Wireless.

This review looks at the internet sharing capabilities and features the MiFi 2372.

Submission + - Improv Electronics Boogie Board Review (

terracode writes: Improv Electronics, subsidiary of Kent Displays, has started marketing a new device that brings back old memories. This device is called 'Boogie Board' and is an LCD based writing tablet. The LCD is a flexible and reflective display that is part of the Reflex branding. The LCD has a bi-stable liquid crystal structure that when pressure is applied, reflects light. This in turn produces an image for the eye to see. The display doesn't need power to keep the image and can retain the image indefinitely until the erase button is pressed. The erase button initiates a electrical impulse to the display which will cause the LCD liquid crystal structure to return to its original state and thus clears the screen. The clear function is powered by a CR2025 / CR2016, 3V, lithium-Ion battery. The battery is not user replaceable, but has a stated 50,000 erase cycles per the manufacturer


Submission + - Acer Aspire One Mod: SSD and Broadcom HD Video (

terracode writes: "The goal of this project is to take a low cost netbook, in this case the Acer Aspire One AOA150-1706, and upgrade it with a Kingston ssdNOW solid state drive, upgraded memory and best of all a Broadcom HD Decoder card (BCM70012). This should make for a speedy little low cost machine. The project will involve total disassembly of the Acer netbook in order to upgrade the hard-drive and RAM. The Broadcom decoder card will need to replace the existing wifi card since there is only one usable mini PCI-e slot available. Another mini PCI-e can be soldered on, but this take some special skills in surface mount soldering."

Submission + - DisplayLink USB to DVI Adapter Review (

terracode writes: "Terracode previously reviewed a the Nanovision UM-740 USB monitor and was suitably impressed. We recently received another amazing DisplayLink product to review. The DisplayLink USB to DVI adapter is an small device with big potential. The device has a mini-USB connector on one end and a DVI out on the other to plug into a monitor. The device is fully USB powered which makes it very transportable. The device is aimed at Netbook users who need an external display, but lack a output or any users wishing to add a second, third, etc monitor without having to go out and buy another video card. It also works very well with desktop systems for a second or third monitor:"

Submission + - Review of the Nanovision MiMo UM-740 USB Monitor (

terracode writes: " has a review of the new Nanovision MiMo UM-740. The MiMO UM-740 sports a webcam, touch-screen and mic in a 7" WXGA LCD display. The unit is an amzing little device, but the DisplayLink USB driver does take a bit of resources so video on underpowered devices may have to settle with more office related and static image applications. Overall it is a joy to use in a cool looking form."

Submission + - Windows Server 2008 RC1 - Hyper-V Beta review (

terracode writes: "Microsoft released Server 2008 RC1 in late November. This release added group policy changes as well as some other performance related changes. The virtualization component in this version needed to be installed after OS install and didn't change too much from the CTP (community technology preview). The December re-release of RC1 provided integrated Hyper-V so that the the virtualization components are installed during the OS installation. The new version of Hyper-V provides some additional features such as being able to import/export VMs and also supports multiple network cards per VM. This review looks at the installation of the RC1 and Hyper-V releases and provides observations."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - How to make an infrared LED Light Pen for Wiimote (

terracode writes: "This tutorial shows you how to make an infrared light pen that can be used as an IR emitter for use with the Wii remote's (Wiimote) IR point detection. Many Wiimote projects can now be found on the net such as Johnny Chung Lee's cool Wiimote WhiteBoard project that utilizes an IR Pen."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Microsoft Vista Service Pack 1 review (

terracode writes: "Microsoft Vista Service Pack 1 was reviewed. Performance was assesssed. One of the tests was for file copy from a network location. The results showed almost a doubling of the time it takes for a file to be copied from a network location to the Vista machine under SP1. Local file copy appeared faster. File transfer time calculation was significantly faster."

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