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Comment Re:And yet they supported Obama (Score 1) 564

"Traditionalist America has always held homosexuality to be unnatural and immoral, ruinous to body and soul alike, and where prevalent – as in Weimar, Germany – the mark of a sick society. This belief outrages millions. Yet it is as old as mankind and was held universally in the Christian West until this century. Moreover, it is grounded in biblical truth, tradition, natural law and Catholic doctrine." -- Pat Buchanan, March 28, 2013

Unlocking 120 Years of Images of the Night Sky 29

First time accepted submitter MCastelaz writes "Researchers at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit foundation located at a former NASA Tracking Station, are preparing to unlock 120 years of images of the night sky. The images are embedded on more than 220,000 astronomical photographic plates and films dating back to 1898 collected from over 40 institutions and observatories in the United States. These plates and films are housed in the Astronomical Photographic Data Archive at PARI. The researchers plan to begin digitizing these collections this year, bringing these fantastic observational works by generations of astronomers who spent more than a million hours at telescopes to the general public and scientists worldwide. The PARI researchers are calling this the Astronomy Legacy Project. The researchers will use an extremely high precision, fast, scanning machine to do the work. To get the project off the ground, they are beginning with a crowdfunding campaign and the funds from that campaign will be used to buy the digitizing machine."

Submission + - GIMP Abandons SourceForge. Distributes via FTP Instead (gimp.org)

Dangerous_Minds writes: GIMP, a free and open source altenernative to image manipulation software like Photoshop, recently announced that it will no longer be distributing their program through SourceForge. Citing some of the ads as reasons, they say that the tipping point was "the introduction of their own SourceForge Installer software, which bundles third-party offers with Free Software packages. We do not want to support this kind of behavior, and have thus decided to abandon SourceForge." The policy changes were reported back in August by Gluster. GIMP is now distributing their software via their own FTP page instead. Is Sourceforge becoming the next CNET?

Submission + - Questions about DRM? Visit Defective by Design's new FAQ (defectivebydesign.org)

william_at_FSF writes: Defective by Design has compiled an FAQ to address the most common misconceptions regarding Digital Restrictions Management (DRM). We hope this will serve as a reference material for those working to educate others about DRM and digital media. Even seasoned anti-DRM activists can learn something new about what DRM does and why it is so harmful to software users. Give it a read through and use this resource heavily in online discussions around DRM!
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Rhombus Tech 2nd revision A10 EOMA68 Card (rhombus-tech.net) 1

lkcl writes: "The 2nd revision of the A10 EOMA-68 CPU Card is complete and samples are due soon: one sample is due back with a Dual-Core Allwinner A20. This will match up with the new revision of the Vivaldi Spark Tablet, codenamed the Flying Squirrel. Also in the pipeline is an iMX6 CPU Card, and the search is also on for a decent FSF-Endorseable option. The Ingenic jz4760 has been temporarily chosen. Once these products are out, progress becomes extremely rapid."

Comment Re:Humility? (Score 1) 915

that study doesn't compare children of two-parent opposite-sex couples to children of two-parent same-sex couples, so it doesn't support your position because it's simply not measuring the relevant information.

Comment Re:Eating vs. shooting up (Score 1) 915

It's true that the verb is "apexesqai" 'to abstain from", but the context makes it quite clear that it's referring to the consumption of blood. If one interprets a food prohibition this way, one should also avoid organ transplantation since it would constitute cannibalism. Apparently organ transplants _were_ officially prohibited by the Jehovah's Witnesses until 1980, which is at least consistent, I guess.

Submission + - Source code for Photoshop 1.0 (computerhistory.org)

gbooch writes: "With the permission of Adobe Systems, the Computer History Museum has made available the source code for Photoshop version 1.0.1, comprising about 128,000 lines code within 179 files, most of which is in Pascal, the remainder in 68000 assembly language.

This the kind of code I aspire to write.

The Computer History Museum has earlier made available the source code to MacPaint (which you'll find here http://www.computerhistory.org/atchm/macpaint-and-quickdraw-source-code/)."

Comment Re:OpenAFS (Score 1) 150

"Nobody actually uses it"? Listing /afs, I see AFS cells at MIT, Stanford, Harvard, CMU, Cornell... and I know my local universities use it internally, although their AFS space isn't publicly accessible. It might not be popular in corporate environments, but it appears to be very much in use at American universities.

Re: iOS and other proprietary platforms, you could use a WebDAV client. The mod_waklog Apache module allows HTTPS users to authenticate via Kerberos, which means that WebDAV access works with OpenAFS.

Submission + - Start The Humanist Revolution (anonfiles.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Humanist Revolution 2012

Intellectual properties as they exist now must be abolished and replaced with a system that simply rewards creative minds and allows everyone access for the public good.

The stock market must be changed to eliminate day trading and require minimum investment times to encourage investors to invest in companies that are not sociopathic psychopaths entities.

We must fight tyranny and fascism wherever they are. We must reform our governments to allow basic social welfare – shelter, education, health care, energy, and basic technology (smart phone or tablet).

There are many unfunded unexplored technologies that could be used to provide nearly unlimited energy. These technologies have been obstructed by corporations by use of mass hysteria.

Thorium's one of the best options I know of personally. A LFTR reactor is safe, clean, efficient, and can be scaled up to cities and down to small communities.
Denver is more radioactive than Fukushima.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki were rebuilt.
Chernobyl feels more like the perfect storm to spread mass hysteria if you ask me.
Nuclear power is the best form of energy we currently have.

Nuclear energy can power multilevel indoor greenhouses with artificial lighting and provide nearly limitless amounts of food.
This nuclear power can turn ocean water into fresh water for drinking and farming.
This nuclear power can pump this water across the globe in pipelines – just like oil.
This nuclear power can power robots that maintain the artificial greenhouses, build the nuclear reactors, mine thorium and other metals, and these robots can build the pipelines.
These robots can be motor vehicles with rechargeable or internal nuclear power.
These robots can build our furniture, our houses, our home electronics.
And these robots can build and maintain new robots.
This will start a new Renaissance era.

Deep down, we are all intelligent reasonable people. Nearly all of us have been told lies throughout our lives. Lies can be prejudices against people or technology. Lies are simply “bad code”.

Intelligent reasonable people must be given all the freedom in the world when it doesn't have a negative affect on the public good. We can advance by leaving those with “bad code” behind while also giving them the opportunity to change.

We can start a revolution by publicly acknowledging all of this and translating this message to every language on the globe Every country can be freed if they want to be.

We must save the world from these extremist capitalist viewpoints that allow investors to profit from evil greedy corporations. We must save the people living in countries rules by tyrants (including our own countries).

We must listen to the brightest minds in the world at our universities rather than letting lobbyists turn our world into something even more evil.

We must spread this message. Translate it to all languages so all countries can be free.

If we build this future by investing in technologies that are in the publics' best interests, we will start forming true utopias across the globe. Ones where everyone gets at least the minimum social welfare while also allowing nearly unfettered growth and freedom.

We must embrace open source software and hardware.

We must protect ourselves from the irrational greedy unenlightened people of the world.
We must try to reason with them.
If we can't reason with them, we can ignore them.
If they try to interfere in our lives and refuse to stop, law enforcement can deal with them.
There are solutions to all of the world's problems.

Many religious leaders have been martyred because of this belief. We must spread this idea so it gains critical mass. We must either reason with or replace congress, the president, and our judges. Most of them are reasonable people just like us.

Our bad experiences in life have blinded us to this. We believed in this when we were kids, but the prejudices of the world have corrupted our minds.

This has happened to the majority of the population of the world.
Evil has evolved with us over the last 2000 years and become more hidden while still being plainly obvious.

The USA must change immediately with this election or the world will have no choice but to do more drastic things.

We can track down all obstructionist in an open source distributed database. We can try to reason with them. We can ignore them if they'll ignore us. Or we can enlighten them so they can join our new future. If they come to us and attack us, self defense is justified. Self defense is already codified in our laws.

This isn't a new world order. It's a new way of life. A new civilization. A utopia that you can customize to your hearts content. Use robots and intelligence to do our work. Don't continue to enslave the people of the world. Have you not seen the Foxconn factories?

If you understand this message, please spread it. If you have better ideas, I'd like to hear them. We must organize and vote as a block to eliminate this plague that's been eating away at our civilization for thousands of years.

We must vote for real change this November.

If you want to see what could happen, watch V for Vendetta (2005), The Saint (1997), and the Matrix trilogy. Smoke up and read this message until it sticks. Weed makes people happy for a reason. It helps us see the world for what it really is. It helps us overcome prejudices. It helps us relax. It breaks down the walls of communication we've put up between each other over the years.

If you want to help out the most, consciously acknowledge this message and it's intent. It is to save the world from it's own prejudices. We must do public research and move the world forward. We must mass produce these robots, nuclear reactors, houses, smart phones/tables. The technologies been around for years. We simply haven't been able to utilize it properly because of our patent system.

Please forgive any typos. I'm an American and I'm really upset with our way of life.

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