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Comment Re: Suzie can vote. Suzie can get a pitchfork. (Score 1) 954

Say Suzie earns 6 and makes 9 to the burger joint. If you replace Suzie with a machine the machine can make 18 to the burger joint which makes the burger joint 9 more than by employing Suzie as a burger flipper. The burger joint then can hire Suzie back to clean the machine, still pay 6 for the guy that built the machine and take home 3 more. This conversation seams perpetual. Mail by horse, carriage driver, telephone operator, morse operator, tailor, home cook, etc etc. on every single decade we've been saying that the new technological wave will spiral society into chaos and yet people are richer, have more time, live longer, are more educated, less violent and less famine than ever.

Comment Re:Fristy Pawst! (Score 1) 475

Why SHOULDN'T first world countries get to share the misery of their less fortunate bretheren, anyway?

Well, while the media didn't focus much on the subject there are some religious practices that DO MATTER when it comes to spreading disease. Washing the dead and then drinking that same water is one of them. Natural selection will take care of it though. Pretty much the same deal that happened with cannibalism.

Comment Re:And the US could turn Russia into vapor (Score 1) 878

Imagine the Russians selling all their US dollars, China following them, and bringing the value of a dollar bill cheaper than paper toilet...

If the dollar bill sinks, US exports soar.
If US exports soar, US economy boosts.

Top US imports are Oil, Machines, Electronics and Vehicles.
Makes the country pretty self-sufficient in case of such a mishap.

Comment Why Europe will not fail... (Score 1) 705

Blame AT&T and blame Google.

The real issue here is cable vs mobile. Apple has been clever enough to force AT&T into a flat-rate program where there is no reward whatsoever for AT&T to speed up its lines. In Europe (where I live), users are charged by GB so the cellphone groups are actually putting pressure in users to use more data.

Google is seeing YouTube growth in the mobile "trend" threatened and wants to speed up things. They will even go to the extent of paying ISP's to do it.

Like fixed phones (who uses them anymore?) in the near future so will mobile net access dominate. The big players will then have established themselves in such a way that there is no way a "youtube"-like startup will be able to compete as it's site will be excruciatingly slow.

This is an establishment-play by Google. A greedy play by the ISP's. A power-need play by the Government. And a suck-it-up-play for the rest of us.

Comment Re:Konqueror and Epiphany browsers (Score 1) 371

This whole article is bogus.
The results are random then fixed to the browser via session.
They are even experiencing with different versions of the UI.

These values are ALL for FIREFOX

attempt / new loans
001 / 3.50%
002 / 2.30%
003 / 2.70% - UI 2
004 / 3.10% - UI 2
005 / 3.50%
006 / 2.70%
007 / 3.50%
008 / 3.50% - UI 2
009 / 3.50%

Nothing new. Move along.

Comment Re:Can the Poor SOB sue for damages? (Score 1) 594

If the address was not a Gmail the company would probably have praised the banks requests and handle the bank all of your private information plus a good solid background on your persona and all of your emails so that the bank could backfire in court (in case it would turned to that) saying you were not as innocent as you seem.

That message to your girlfriend saying, "woooah you can't believe the email I just got" would probably put you 5 years behind the bars. Just to be safe. :)

Comment grandmoter uses it... (Score 1) 823

My grandmother who's 86 got her hands on a computer when she was 84. My instructions were quite simple. Do whatever you feel like doing. Mess it up as you wish. She uses it daily to email. From my experience Google services (gmail - google docs) work great. a) very intuitive b) little data loss (elder people hardly understand the save concept) c) you cant pull the menus up and down and mess it up so it just works. How I did it. Had a ghost image of the system (vista) to do a weakly restore. Firefox as browser. Gmail as her homepage. And let them learn how to use it themselves. I cant cope with touchpad she cant cope with the mouse. Give them the option and free will to choose. My 5 cents.

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