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Comment Re:Meteor burst communications (Score 5, Informative) 66

Yes, people use ionization trails to reflect their radio transmissions, but in TFA they discount this as the source of the emissions:

Meteor trails are known to reflect radio waves and indeed this has been one way of spotting them in the past.

But Obenberger and co reject this idea for a number of reasons. First, human radio transmissions are usually polarised and so any reflections ought to be polarised as well. The team found no evidence of this.

At the same time, human radio transmissions have easily identifiable spectra but the team found no evidence of this either in the data from the Long Wavelength Array.

"It is therefore our conclusion that ïreball trails radiate at low frequencies," they say.

Comment Re:Unfortunate Reality of Being a Linux User (Score 1) 518

I would agree that torrents are usually faster. But in this case, I doubt it. Did you actually try downloading from any of those links? I just did, and it stayed steady at 2.7MB/s for the 2 minutes during which I ran it (I cancelled it because I already have a copy). Chrome estimated 17 minutes (total) to finish (for a ~3.1 GB file).

Not many torrents are going to be that fast, I think. You also don't have to worry about malware in the image, or BS copyright violation notices.

Comment Re:Unfortunate Reality of Being a Linux User (Score 2) 518

Comment Re:Still takes forever to "Rebuild the Font Cache" (Score 1) 299

Let's say that's true (i.e. font cache is corrupted on crash).

1) Sounds like a bug to me. File a bug report? (after gathering evidence, of course)

2) Possible workaround: Make a known-good copy of the font cache (on Windows it's %APPDATA%\vlc, I believe). Restore it after a VLC crash (before launching VLC again)

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